Conbini Monday Wk52

A special Lawson theme here at Yamashita Koen, Yokohama.

This week’s Conbini Monday features a Happy Lawson store from Yamashita Park, Yokohama. As Golden Week has started in Japan, many stores are not stocking a full range of goods and new products are thin.

This Happy Lawson store carries some interesting goods that you won’t find at your regular stores.

Inside the Happy Lawson they have plenty of Yokohama niche goods.
Thee shirts and bags look cool.
Special Yokohama merchandise.
Yokohama Port gets featured of course since we are at Yamashita Koen.
Great packaging on these kewpie baby snacks.
More baby snacks. There was a big selection here, which is unusual in convenience stores.
The characters on these packages are great. Reminds me of Halloween.

… and a few new pickups from my local Family Mart as well …

These Pekko-chan popcorn snacks look good.
I have liked the kinoko no yama treats from way back. Here is a new variation of them, with strawberry topping.

Do you like “themed” stores like this Happy Lawson or prefer the regular stores?

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  • Rene Chong

    What is Yokohama 001 about? the good looks really cute!

  • Kris

    What is golden week?

  • whipcracker

    Almost looks like a short jacket.

  • whipcracker

    RT @shibuya246: Conbini Monday Wk52 Products to advertise for the local population. Looks like a minimum selection. To bad they had to cancel the Evangelion Lawson theme in Hakone, that would have made for a great post. It’s good to see what other areas offer in their conbinis. even around here they don’t have that many baby snacks in the 7-11 stores around here. To answer Kris question, Golden Week is a set of 4 holidays celebrated in Japan. Here is the wiki link for a description and meaning.
    Well it’s great to be able to post again, but I am still having a few problems logging in.

  • あゆみ~ん

    Yay, 1 year of combini weeks! Guess that means I’ve been following the site for a year. Time flies quickly~

    • shibuya246

      yes, indeed. Time goes so quickly. Wk52 came around very quick. 🙂 Thanks for following along.

  • Andrea Watt

    I am a little partial to the kinoko no yama treats also. Our convenience stores in Australia are so boring by comparison. They have the perfect opportunity to do some marketing but don’t take it for some reason.

    • shibuya246

      Too many meat pies and sausage rolls ?


    I want that puppy plush from the first pic if that is a puppy plush?

  • J Drama

    One of my favourites!

  • tokyowheelco

    Have you checked out the gooz on nihon oodori? I recommend this for your next combini adventure.