Darth Vader for docomo

From the NTT Docomo promotion site for 'Who is my boss?' http://docomo-1-1.jp/

I came across this new promotion that NTT Docomo look to be spending a lot of money on. They are hoping it will have a social viral connection and spread around the internet quickly. Time will tell. It is not clear though whether this will help them fight off Softabank and the iPhone.

Just another quiet day in Shibuya with the usual scenes, except what is that on the 109 building?
Looks like it is Darth Vader in a docomo commercial. Softbank might find that extremely funny since they would probably cast themselves as Jedi Knights fighting against the evil NTT docomo empire.
Plenty of ads up at the station as well.
The website is asking people to tweet out about it. This is docomo's attempt at viral SNS marketing.
from the docomo promotion site http://docomo-1-1.jp/

The promotion website can be seen here.

What do you think about docomo going over to the Dark Side?

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  • Munkh00

    Why is the message “Who is my boss?” . I don’t get it?. hehe

  • Protocol Snow
    Protocol Snow

    Seems like they’re trying a little too hard. Viral marketing has to happen organically.

  • perdomot

    I think I just saw this ad on the Yamanote line! Just got into town Monday night and was on my way to the hotel when I looked up and saw Vader on the screen.

    • shibuya246

      Perfect timing. Welcome to town 🙂

      • perdomot

        Thanks. I’m doing a little bit of Combini Monday on Days site as part of my reports on my trip. Got to see a bunch of Evangelion stuff at Lawsons and even picked up some chips with the theme on them.

  • bookindian – . . . Just a flat-assed old man addicted to electronica and plump women . . .

    I like this – the Tokyo Trooper better muster his forces . . .

  • bryand

    It would be better if Danny Choo a.k.a the stormtrooper did that.

  • Andrew

    These are not the (An)droids you’re looking for…