Shibuya Streets Vol 12

The ever popular AKB48 passing through Shibuya

I only had a brief chance to take a few photos this week in Shibuya. Here are some of the snaps showing Ryo Ishikawa, adverts at Shibuya Station, a few stores and more. Hope you enjoy.

The sakura trees are a nice addition to the area where Hachiko sits.
Ryo Ishikawa who is at the Masters this week, doing some promotion for McDonalds and their new Teritama Burger. I wonder if McDonalds in the US have any burgers for Tiger to advertise?
The KFC store on Koen Dori, Shibuya is the 500th KFC store in Japan, or is was back in 1985. Been there a while now.
Mark City celebrating its 10 year anniversary.
I haven't tried the sbarro food yet. Is this from the US or Europe? It says Italian food, but is has a New York look about it.
New recruits getting together after the workday has finished on their first week of work.
Nihon Terebi giving us a taste of sakura with their latest programs.
Some hairspray getting used here by the girls in the foreground.
ZARA and Marui Store
Anyone for colored contact lenses?
As always, plenty of people, plenty of ads at the crossing.
Probably the most popular place to advertise at the moment if you have a lot of money.
Sakura Sakura for Shibuya Shibuya
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  • Maria Maronati

    Now that’s fun… I bet it’s another italian misspelling… Maybe it was meant to be “Sballo” which means “cool!”

  • Brad F.

    Sbarro’s is a US chain that you can find it pretty much any mall there. They have a few choices like lasagna, but the pizza and the calzones are best. It’s a little greasy if I remember right. I haven’t been to one in over a year. There’s no Sbarro’s in Singapore. There’s at least one in Manila though, which is where I had it last.

  • lithiumangel

    Ah ! I always check out the Akiba 48 when i’m in Tokyo :] I’m not a fan or anything but the whole ambiance of being around the fans is always an interesting vibe; usually when taking a break from Sega’s Border break and Kidō Senshi Gundam: Senjō no Kizuna on the 6th and 7th floor 🙂

    Nice lil Shibuya walk, haven’t seen the Koen dori KFC. Since we’re on the topic of Western food; what’s everybody’s favorite Western style joint in Tokyo ? For me it has to be Freshness burger 🙂 Tough it’s funny how friggin expensive Western style food is (McD’s, Freshness, Mos burger) compared to just getting some cheap 500 yen ish Donbori or curry.

    As far as Sbarro is concerned you hit the hammer on the nail; they’re founded in Brooklyn NY so yeah. The Japanese version; just like McD’s and KFC probably has alot of diff stuff then Sbarro elsewhere in the world.
    Since I am mentioning cheap; and Sbarro is an Italian food joint, if you walk trough center gai till the end take a right then take a left inmeadetly and walk a few dozen meters then there’s this big Italian place on your left, I believe it was 850 Yen for all you can eat.
    Funny how it’s packed with students *lol* as far as Tokyo is concerned; that really is the ultimate cheap eat i’ve found.

  • 椿

    so cool. ~

  • whipcracker

    Shibuya Streets Vol 12, Japan shibuya streets Every time i start thinking about the people and places in Shibuya. Along comes a photo walk of what has become my favorite place in Japan. The west meeting in the east, KFC, Micky D’s now Sbarro. Have only had their food once many moons ago. Just how many American style resturants are there in Japan?


    I didn’t know sbarro is over there. Popular in malls here I think but I didn’t know they expanded that far.

  • micky2be

    I love this category. Always nice photos

    • shibuya246

      Thanks. This was a quick shoot. Next time I will have to spend a bit more time and try some new locations in Shibuya. The crossing is very magnetic so no doubt I will still have shots from there as well. 🙂

  • LH

    I always love looking at photos of the big intersection coming out of the train station. Of course it always looks busy just gazing at the picture, but actually standing there really drives home just how busy it is no matter what day of the week it is. The weird thing (or maybe not!) is that I never do any shopping there when out that way. I just pop by to take a gander, then go do something else after. :p

  • Star537

    *sigh* your photos make me want to visit Japan even more thanii already do, and at the same time, they make me a little sad, because I know I’ll probrably never get to go, because tickets are far too expensive, and being a mother to two kids under 3, there’s never enough money, or time…I think your photos, are the closest I’ll ever get to actually being there…I love them by the way, they are very beautiful. Thank you for taking these pictures, and giving me the chance to see a little bit of Japan.

    • shibuya246

      So glad you enjoyed the photos. I remember a time when I was out from Japan for a few months. I was so keen to get back and remembered in my mind all the places I wanted to visit. One of the reasons for starting this blog was to have photos I could look back on myself to better remember some of the great places. Thanks for dropping by and commenting 🙂

  • amerikkujin

    Sbarro is American… their pizza is fast but terrible. Who knows, maybe Japanese Sbarros are better.