Sakura Rain

Looking down the park, the sakura color was really nice in the light rain.

With the rain in Tokyo coming after such a warm day yesterday, the Sakura trees were having a hard time figure out whether to bloom or fall. It looks like this coming weekend may see the start of some nice sakura fubuki shots.

This was a reflected image off the ground.
The sakura looked really cold out in the rain, with the Sony HQ building here as a backdrop.
A few sakura petals get washed away in the rain.
Sakura Fubuki
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  • ku
  • ra
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  • Neksus

    The last pic is awesome!
    It has an anime touch that makes it cool, and the petals are shiny 🙂

  • whipcracker
    whipcracker The rain vs the sakura. A lovely backdrop. And I agree w/Neksus it does have an anime feel to it. Sure is nice that you have a park so close to home so you really don’t have to go far for great pictures. The reflective image photo gives off an eerie effect. This one would make for some great special effects. maybe movie making is in your future. What do you think?

    • shibuya246

      This park is the one below my apartment so very convenient.

  • chris*

    wow just beautiful. Unbelievable. I can definitely sense a future in film making ^_

  • bookindian – . . . Just a flat-assed old man addicted to electronica and plump women . . .

    we had 2 inches of snow covering the ground Monday morning when I woke . . . didn’t expect that.

    • shibuya246

      wow, we need to see some photos of that 🙂


    I would be walking around there in a modern day version of the Sound of Music. Pretty.

  • Neksus

    Ok, wallpaper version of the last pic!!

    Never thought to start a wallpaper section? Some are really deserving that…

    • shibuya246

      That is a good idea. What size do people want for wallpaper? 1920px? 1280px?

      • Neksus

        Thank you! Good news for us 🙂
        I think that 1920px is good enough.