Shinagwa Station

There are already many colorful advertising boards at Shinagwa Station, but an additional 44 large monitor boards just arrived to fill up some space.

I have been following the progress of Shinagawa Station in installing some new advertising boards. With a crowded walk area all day long, they have installed 44 large size 50 inch monitors to show ads to passers by.

Large screen advertising on 44 monitors at Shinagawa Station.
The monitors were just being installed here. People were walking by wondering what they were going to need so many tvs for.
I took this photo of a monitor at Tokyo Station a few months ago. Looks similar to the ones now at Shinagawa Station.
The advertising monitors get turned on and look very colorful.
More traditional advertising also has its place.
The scenery before the monitors were installed.
Shinagawa Station Kanji
  • Shina
  • gawa
  • Eki

What do you think of the recent change from neon light advertising to digital billboards ?

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  • Kesenaitsumi

    ^^ Think it’s great since everytime I walk through there it’s kinda boring ~ nice to have some good advertisement to look at.

    • shibuya246

      definitely nice and bright 🙂

  • whipcracker

    Is this for the new Shinkasen?

  • whipcracker

    Shinagwa Station, Japan Marketing A great way for companies to advertise their products and services. More an more stores over here are doing that same type of advertising monitors at the end of the aisles and at the checkouts. That way people can keep abreast of new products.

  • lithiumangel

    Christ ! How much budget does JR get to spend on their stations that’s crazy *LOL*

    • shibuya246

      It does seem as if they have money to burn, but I bet the advertising isn’t cheap either 🙂

  • Neksus

    That stetion in great alone, but 50+ inches screens is huge!

    About kanjis, a post with all those introduced during week days, as a wrapper?
    Like “Kanji friday”, along with Cobini mondays… Just a thought as it takes time.

    • shibuya246

      That could be good. Do you mean taking all the Kanji from the week and having a recap (summary) of them on Friday?

      I was thinking of also putting some cards on the photos where there are signs, but havent worked out the best way to do that yet.


    I feel like I am there. There’s no place like Japan and clicking my red shoes together. lol

  • David P

    I saw these last week and my first thought was “what an incredible waste of energy”.