Sakura Bento Lunch

Great place for a bento lunch under the Sakura tree.

April 1st every year is the start of a new financial year for most Japanese companies. Newly hired employees normally start work on this day, and you can see them out and about in their new suits trying to blend in with everyone. With the Sakura out and the weather becoming warmer, April 1st always has a great feel of fresh and new.

Here are some “Sakura Bento” shots from the park near my house.

Looks like 3 happy salarymen here enjoying the fine weather with their bento lunches.
It was quite windy today, but the sunshine was out. The Sakura trees were blooming and people were enjoying bento lunches in the park.
I didn't have a bento lunch in the park, but here is my sakura packaged bento from wako for dinner.
Sakura Bento Kanji
  • Sakura
  • Ben
  • to

Did you do anything special for April 1st?

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  • Neksus

    Argh…… makes want to go over to Jp just for that!!!

    Great implementation those turning kanji cards. I like the idea a lot.

  • whipcracker

    RT @shibuya246: Sakura Bento Lunch for Apr 1 What a great looking place to have lunch. Is this the same park you took pics of before of that salaryman taking a nap in from a previous entry? We really don’t do anything over here. We don’t celebrate those types of things. But soon everything over there will be fully awash with Sakuras in Full Bloom. Were these pictures taken from your apt. window?

  • whipcracker

    A new friend? I don’t reconize this character. What’s the contents of the Bento Lunch?

    • shibuya246

      tonkatsu from wako (pork cutlet)

  • whipcracker

    This looks like the same spot where the salaryman was taking a nap from a previous blog entry.

  • Protocol Snow
    Protocol Snow

    Spring is finally here. It is a beautiful day outside, think I’ll go for a run! =)

    Kanji cards are a great idea, hope you keep doing that!


    I should be sitting in Japan eating. 😀