Yamanote Line Automatic gates

Looking back at the Yamanote Line train as it approaches the platform and the test gate section.

The Yamanote Line is going to have automatic gates installed on all its platforms over the next few years in an attempt to prevent passengers falling on the rails and delaying services. The installation of the gates will be done in parts starting with Ebisu and Meguro Station.

Ebisu and Meguro Stations are going to be the first to have the automatic gates installed for the Yamanote Line.
You can see the platform has already started to be changed for the gates to be installed.

The work at Ebisu and Meguro will begin this month and finish by the end of June 2010 and August 2010 respectively. JR have released a schedule and details (pdf document in Japanese).

Note the markings near the edge of the platform ready for the gates.
A test section of the gate set up at the end of the platform in Ebisu station.
The train lining up to stop at the right place for the gates to open.
Got my camera settings wrong here, as I was waiting for a shot of the train moving away from the station. Suddenly realized this train was a special test run to check the distances between platform and train in preparation for the gate installation.
The test gate section is not in use yet and is actually at the end of the platform away from where the train stops.
The Yamanote Line leaves the station passing the test gate section.

The door section that opens will be a glass panel rather than just steel. This will allow passengers and staff to see whether any objects have been caught in the doors when they shut, a regular occurrence when trains are busy.

It will be a shame to see the structures go up and block the view of trains coming into the station, but hopefully this will help to prevent accidents and other incidents where passengers end up falling on the tracks. The Chuo Line, which suffers a high proportion of suicides, may also want to consider implementing such a system.

What do you think about these automatic gates being installed?

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  • CLF

    definitely a thumbs up from me!
    although trains are safe but without the barrier people are basically exposed to the hazard whether they wanna take their life off or accidentally fall onto the track.

  • Kesenaitsumi

    Now we feel safer even we try to push each other when going into the train. Have no worry about falling over when being pushed. ^^

  • Marijn Rongen – Netherlands – Cancer survivor | autist | photography | webdevelopment

    I say it’s a good thing, platforms can be dangerous places. The safer the better!

  • jonallen1966
    Jon Allen

    well spotted! I got through Ebisu every morning and evening and didn’t notice them!
    How are they going to handle the two carriages with 6 doors ?

    • shibuya246

      The 6 door carriages are being phased out, I think over the next 2 years. While they still run them during that time, there will be no gates at the 6 door carriage sections. Once the carriages are phased out those sections will be installed to finish it off.

  • bryand

    It is quite an advantage to parents with naughty children with a high risk on falling on the tracks.

  • Kris

    I agree, it will be a shame from the photography point of view, you really get some nice shots. But ultimately, the safety of people count. The world could always use more Japanese people in it 😀

  • 椿

    That’s awesome. I’m from Brazil and that would be really helpful here, cause the public system of trains is bad, the stations are almost always crowded. I’d feel safer.

  • whipcracker

    Yamanote Line Automatic gates, Japan Trains http://bit.ly/cQnvkN It’s always better to be safe than sorry. Some people get to close. And this will afford an extra measure of security. And more great photos. Love them trains.

  • micky2be

    Good initiative from JR Yamanote.

  • jonallen1966
    Jon Allen

    I just noticed this morning the first few platform edge doors at Ebisu have appeared over the long weekend. Will try and get a shot from my cell phone on the way home tonight.

    • shibuya246

      ok, would like to see that. 🙂

      • jonallen1966
        Jon Allen

        by an unusual co-incidence the yamanote line service was suspended this evening as I was trying to get home at 7:50.
        So I was not able to get to the platform for the photos! will try again tomorrow.

      • shibuya246

        glad you were not stuck in a train at the time 🙂

  • shibuya246

    Great to hear from you. Pleased to have you commented with us and look forward to talking 🙂