Akita Shinkansen

Sleek lines and cool colors on this Hayate Shinkansen at Tokyo Station. I wonder who gets to choose the paint colors?
Ticket gate at Tokyo Station.
A few of the schedule boards in the lower area of Tokyo Station before going up to the platform. There are about 30 platforms at Tokyo Station (for all trains, not just Shinakansen) so you have to check carefully which one you need to go to.
Taking a look at the Shinkansen schedule to Akita. I am catching the Komachi train.
Platform 23 is where my train is leaving from today. Start of an Akita adventure.
Heading up the escalator at Tokyo Station.
Coming up on to the platform the train timetable is shown clearly. Can you spot my train on the board?
There are lots of places to buy bento and drinks on the platform. This was one of the kiosks selling bento. It is strange how once people board the train, the first thing they do is break open the bento box and start eating. Everyone in the carriage started eating at the same time, almost like a ritual dining session.
Great shape on the nosecone here. Pity the barriers make it hard to get a good photograph. The Yamanote Line in Tokyo will be introducing barriers at all stations over the next few years also.
The double decker MAX train. Love that yellow strip down the middle section.
Looking back down the platform as the MAX and Hayate trains make a stop at Tokyo Station.
Once out of Tokyo, we made a few stops including this one at Sendai Station. I was going to jump out, but didn't want to risk being left behind. Once you get out of Tokyo the announcements on the platform for trains departing don't seem to have the same consistency. Sometimes the doors seem to just shut and the train leave without any announcements at all.
The scenery outside the window is quite peaceful although looks a little cold.
We stopped here for a while so I decided to get off and take a few shots. The whole trip took 4 hours one way, so it was nice to stretch the legs a bit and breath in some fresh air.
You don't see any of these mini snow mobiles at Tokyo Station, but here in the country areas this machinery probably gets a lot of use. Luckily today, it is bright sunshine and no snow on the platform.
Great exhibit awaiting passengers here at Tazawako Station. This was another stop the train made before we got to Oomagari, where I changed to the local line for Yokote.
I imagine when it snows here, it can get really deep. I was glad to be passing by Tazawako on a sunny day.
A lake I think with snow around. Would be nice to jump off and take some photos around this area.
Kakunodate Station, just another stop on the way.
The welcoming committee at Yokote Station letting all passengers know they had arrived at the home city for Kamakura and Yokote Yakisoba. Welcome! Welcome!
Nice to see some snow between the tracks, but the platform perfectly cleared. Coupled with the sunny weather, this was a great scene.
Older style architecture for this pass over bridge. The snow running underneath gives it a soft touch.
Yokote Station, Akita-ken
One of the signs and decorations at the station promoting Yokote. Anyone know this character?
Really liked this cute kamakura sign. Last stop for this JR line, kamakura is waiting for you.
Quite a different feel to Tokyo Station here at the local Yokote Station. The board still gives good information, but if y9ou look at the clock and then the board, you will see it is 1 hour's wait before the next train.
A kamakura decoration on top of the post box outside the station.
A small kamakura that had been built in front of the hotel.
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  • lithiumangel

    Looking good here 🙂 It sure is refreshing to see little towns outside of Tokyo (not that i’m complaining about Tokyo pics offcourse :P) as Japan bloggers rarely get out of their way blogging anything but in Tokyo 🙂 (again there’s a reason for that since Tokyo is that interesting)

  • shibuya246

    JR’s Bonden. I have more photos of this coming up shortly from the Bonden Festival held in Yokote

  • Linda Y

    Definitely staring at this and thinking wow, familiar sights.. I love the shinkansen shots, rail shots, and the bento kiosks you took. I was taking a ride like this last year, went to Sendai, and not as far as you didn, but this is definitely a nice blog to keep up with. ^_^

  • shibuya246

    12:56 Komachi leaving for Akita

  • Munkh00

    Don’t you get the feeling your being watched O.O

  • Munkh00

    sea of snow, literally hehe.

  • Munkh00

    I didn’t know that Japan has this much snow when I first came here.

  • whipcracker

    I do believe this is your train, am I correct?

  • whipcracker

    Did you buy one for yourself?

  • whipcracker

    Haven’t used one of these since my days in Wisconsin. What memories.

  • whipcracker

    RT @tweetmeme http://bit.ly/aoGLwj A nice little trip to places we don’t normally don’t get to see. I love these kind of trips you do outside of the great area of Shibuya. Keep them coming, look forward to them.

    If you could send me an e-mail on those Rilakkuma products, my wife and I were looking into adding those as a link to her website where we could drop ship products or something on that nature that I can manage from her website to generate more income, ok?
    whipcracker 🙂

  • Kris

    Oh this is great! My husband and I will be going up to Akita from Tokyo station in may/june. This is very helpful, thank you! ^_^

    • shibuya246

      fantastic. I hope you have a great trip 🙂

  • Andrea Watt

    Yes, the Shinkansen shots, bento kiosks and the smooth expanses of snow bring back happy memories of travelling to Kyoto by train many years ago. Outside looks so cold but everyone is snug and warm inside the Shinkansen, eating from bento boxes and drinking Asahi 🙂

    • shibuya246

      I used to do the Kyoto trip a lot years ago. I can remember the ride down at lunch time seemed so relaxed, then I would come back on a Monday morning with all the commuters and it felt like I was just on the Yamanote Line. Very different 🙂


    Love that dragon looking figure! He needs a Hello Kitty sticker though cause he looks too angry. lol lol

  • Replica

    Love that first pic of the Shinkansen. It looks as if it should have wings and a jet engine just out of frame. The colours are so vivid too!!!

    • shibuya246

      yes indeed, the jet train should depart from Tokyo station 🙂

  • johnkent

    As I understand, the most usable way of transportation in Japan is a train, however, in Japan its a Jet train. Is it much more beneficial to the environment?

  • Giuseppe Nelva

    The character from picture #24 is the main character from the vintage (circa 1980s) fishing manga/anime Tsurikuchi Sampei. It’s been aired only in a few Euriopean countries (Italy and France as far as I know) outside of Japan.

    Quite funny to see it used for advertisement in 2010 😀

  • Giuseppe Nelva

    TsurikIchi Sampei, sorry, spelt the name wrong 😀