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meiji chocolate have wrapped an entire kiosk in their brand at Tokyo Station.

Saw this great form of advertising at Tokyo Station for meiji chocolate. The whole kiosk is wrapped up in meiji milk chocolate brand with the back of the kiosk explaining some of the history of meiji chocolate back from 1926.

From the side on picture you can see the branding continue with a large chocolate bar under the counter area.
From the front the meiji banner is very prominent where normally you see the words "kiosk". Everything else looks like a normal station kiosk.

It seems like JR are getting more creative at advertising and marketing tie ups in the station which is a good thing for consumers. This type of promotion is really interesting. Do you have this form of advertising in your country?

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  • whipcracker

    RT @tweetmeme meiji chocosk, Japan Marketing Not in my neck of the woods. Don’t know know if they have 1 in Big D, either. Wish we had train service in our area, would make getting from here to their much easier. Looks like that kiosk has a little bit of everything for the people riding the trains.

    • bryand

      Trains are really convenient during these times because they offer fast transportation at a low cost . Also, by riding trains you can prevent being frustrated with the traffic especially during peak hours 😀

  • bryand

    Our train stations here dont have a one-stop shop/kiosk instead convenience stores like 7-eleven are located just few walks away from the station. Its just that you will have to walk a little farther to buy stuff. hope that the stations will have kiosks so that people can buy something on the go without wasting time and energy going on convenience stores ^_^

  • Brad F.

    There’s no eating or drinking allowed on trains in Singapore so there are no stores like this on the platforms. There are a few outside the turn-styles but people pass by them so quickly they’re not worth turning into a big advertisement like this.

    Singapore does put posters and murals all over the stations, but in a more traditional way for the most part.

    The exceptions I’ve seen to this are when a major brand literally brands a station. I’ve seen a whole platform converted into an ad for beer. I forget which, but I think it was Carlsberg. Even the floor was covered with a latex sticker thing. They also had a whole train (inside and out) covered with a full size ad.

    These ads took advantage of the shapes of the trains to create what looked like landscapes and castles and stuff. It was really cool. I think I have some pictures somewhere that I’ll have to dig up.

    • shibuya246

      Sounds good. would like to see your pixs if you find them.


    Love chocolate!!!