Japan Snow Train

Just got back from my one night trip to Yokote where they were holding the annual Kamakura and Bonden festival. The weather was sunny and warm, although this was snow country.

I have many photos to show of the festival, some at night and a lot more from during the day. I will probably be able to get some of those up tomorrow in between meetings.

For the moment, hope you enjoy the scenery here from the local train which I caught from Yokote to Oomagari (大曲) where I got back on the Shinkansen for Tokyo. One way the trip took 4 hours, so it was lucky I could sleep in the train a bit.

Just a few houses spread out in this area of Akita-ken. A little bit of snow on the roofs but this year has not been that cold a winter.
The mountain range in the background doesn't look too white either, but the faint sprinkling of snow actually makes this feel more interesting a picture, rather than being all white.
Some nice mountains for skiing in the background maybe?
Wide open fields here with snow cover. On a sunny day like today it looks very inviting.
A few more houses mixed in here. I bet when the wind blows they are cold.

Does the snow look a lonely scene to you or a warm one?

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  • lifeyoutv

    Nice pic 😉
    I miss the snow.. it been a long time since the last time I played on snow T_T …

  • Neksus

    Looks really great to be in Iceland!
    Are you fluent in the local language?


    Waiting impatiently for the rest of the optical loot! ^^

  • whipcracker

    RT @tweetmeme Japan Snow Train, Japan Travel http://bit.ly/d15z4E Isn’t yhis the area where they grow alot of rice.? I seem to remember from a previous article last year when you did a feature on
    akita rice. A great set of photos. 🙂 Will be waiting for the rest of them. And you were able to get some rest on the shinkasen. Hope it was a relaxing ride?

  • Kesenaitsumi

    Great view! it’s so wide that you would want to go playing snowman there. ^^