CGM Night, Akihabara

Rock n' roll at the CGM Night. I got there a bit too late to hear the band unfortunately. Looks like they were a lively crew.

CGM Night was on last night at the Akiba:F Blood Bank. The CGM, Consumer Generated Marketing, events organized by Danny Choo are always a great place for people to meet up face to face from the online otaku and blogging community. It is great to be able to finally put some faces to the online names.

As always there was a good mix of tasty food, this time Mirai-chan curry was introduced and became an instant hit, good company and plenty of Figures and Dollfies.

The reception task looks like a big job to leave one of the daughters in charge of here. Hope everything goes ok. Is that a shibuya246 business card on the top?
Lots of daughters on display, many from Danny's collection.
Newly released Mirai-chan Poken from the brand were on offer. The orange straps are a nice touch to make this a real stand out product. They were being snapped up very quickly.
Plenty of Poken on offer here. Which would be your choice?

These type of events are always time consuming to organize making sure the event location is big enough to hold everyone, getting invites out, catering etc etc. It is a credit to Danny that he puts on such a good event every time and takes the trouble to help introduce people to each other. I am sure the daughters appreciate getting out of the house as well ^_^.

Very nice hair styling here and some smart accessories. The buttons on the blouse matching those on the coat are lovely.
I didn't see an iPad, but there were a few people crowding round to check out this Kindle product. With the iPad coming out in full color, I think Kindle will have to respond likewise. Maybe they will build Flash into it which Apple do not seem ready to do.
Joseph Tame from is now working with White Rabbit Press. They have just released the Realtime Guide to Akihabara which gives you a guided tour of the area. I will write more about this in a post next week.
There was no shortage of cameras lining up to take photographs here. The Akiba:F Blood Bank has probably never had so many photos taken of it. This one could be a good promotion piece. Would you come here to give blood if this was the poster girl?
The official Poken set.
Looks like this might be the mascot for the Akiba:F Blood Bank. Wonder what his name is?
The CGM Nights are always a great way for people to come together. It is amazing how many people come up to you and connect having spoken mainly through the web. It is a great feeling to finally meet someone in person after talking online for so long.
Nice combination of color at the Akiba:F Blood facility. Manga on the shelves with the more hospital style colorful and clean seating around the middle of the room.
Danny's Lumix camera and an lens attachment in the background. The Lumix and pancake lens attached allows for some good depth of field shots even at close range.
You might be seeing a few photos from Danny coming up with this lens shortly. I will leave him to introduce it and maybe show off a few shots. Will be interesting to see what the wide macro can do.
Two very stylish dannychoo uniformed girls. The camera is a nice touch. I didn't see them taking too many photos of the crowd, but the crowd definitely got plenty of photos of them.
The Akiba: F blood donation room. This facility is one of the best looking blood donation places I have seen. It is much better than the vans that get parked outside stations hoping to attract passerby volunteers. If you are in Akihabara and want to check it out, you should definitely put this on your list and maybe donate a pint while you are at it.
Mirai-chan Curry was on offer for everyone. What a great way to sell curry.
DSLR camera in one hand, automatic weapon slung over the shoulder. When out shooting you don't want to mix these two items up.
You are never too old and never too young to be interested in otaku. Nice to see all age groups getting a chance to enjoy.

You can see more photos from CGM Nights on Flickr.
and some more great photos here.

Do you get the chance to meet up at events with people who you have met through the web?

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  • 海影

    I like This Complexion.

  • Sara Mari

    CGM Night always looks so interesting, thanks for sharing the photos!

  • Protocol Snow

    Is Poken actually popular in Japan? It seems like an inconvenient gimmick that Danny is focused on supporting for whatever reason.

  • whipcracker

    RT @tweetmeme CGM Night, Akihabara, Japan Anime I saw you speaking w/Joseph Tame in the Ustream vid taken Steve Nagata It starts at 8:18 in the vid. I kept watching it to make sure it was you, and after seeing your photos I’m pretty sure it’s you. I read Peter Paynes comment about getting there also wondering if he was in the right place or not. Danny sure knows how to put a great meeting together. Wish we could have a blood center over here Like you guys have. I would definately visit it more often, especially w/live mascots like the cute one in the photo. 🙂 I don’t think Pokens would catch on over here, people would just think they’re foolish,blech!

    • shibuya246

      Thanks. That looks like me. We were talking about the Akihabara Guide that Joseph is working on at White Rabbit Press.

    • Joseph Tame

      Cripes! Good job I didn’t say anything dangerous!

      • shibuya246

        Hadn’t noticed the camera behind us. The microphone was on too! If I had known we could have shown people a close up of the Akiba Guide Book on ustream. Will watch out for that next time. 🙂

  • alafista

    ooooo kawaii inu, I want!

  • salvidali

    I would get a white one and mod it . . .

  • salvidali

    saw this chap on Ken Lee’s Ustream

  • salvidali

    next to last picture – that daughter is holding double-barrel “slingshot” – very primitive weapon. 😛

  • achiisan

    The CGM night looks so fun. Since they’re holding the event at a blood donation facility, is it a must that you donate blood?

  • Tristan

    Oh no…I would have to choose between these two…..but then, poken are not popular in Australia…. 🙁

    • achiisan

      same here. If pokens are available locally here in our country I would avail some.

  • Tristan

    I am so jealous…..I would love to attend something like this (even though Im a social klutz)
    Probably would just sit there staring at all these people I have read about wondering what the hell!!!

    Living the life Alan, you are living the life!!!

  • achiisan

    I would choose this one.

    • shibuya246

      Thanks Danny. Great event. Next time I will take the big camera with my 60mm macro lens. With all the cameras in the room I will you will have to start giving out Mirai-chan Press Passes 😉

  • Trunks

    So how popular are Poken atm in Tokyo?

  • Azriel

    That bra in Karis’s hand was priceless :P!…

    Nice shots, I need to update myself here n_n;