Shibuya Streets Vol8

As always, loads of people scrambling across the Shibuya Crossing. Many heading for the warm comfort of Starbucks.

After the weather changing from very cold, to pleasantly warm (at least when not in the shade), I took a quick walk in Shibuya to see what was happening. After a few shots around the crossing area and a lunch at Royal Host, I was heading over to Shinagawa on the Yamanote Line when the trains stopped. It gave me an opportunity to take some photos on the platform and then also take a walk from Osaki to Shinagawa.

Susan Boyle gets in some advertising time for her new album. After being on the end of year, Kohaku program they are probably expecting some sales in Japan.
This truck suddenly came in front of me and obscured everything. Very "in your face" type of advertising.
A few stragglers running across the street as the lights change.
A different look at Hachiko showing some bamboo plants. Can't remember when they arrived. I remember years ago there were bushes here and rats used to run back and forward in them. They needed a few cats to chase the mice and then Hachiko to chase the cats.

As soon as I headed to the Station they started to announce the trains had stopped.

Many people hear the announcement that the trains are stopped and decide either to leave the station or not bother coming in. Normally the station runs so smoothly, but when the trains stop, everyone wants to ask questions and get directions. It can become a very busy place in no time.
Yamanote train headed for Shinagawa, Tokyo is stopped at the platform due to a problem at Tokyo Station. Sounds like a passenger may have fallen on the rails. I hope they are ok.
When waiting for the trains to start there is nothing to do but check your mail or maybe catch up on the news about the train stoppage. With Internet on mobiles it is faster to do a quick search than waiting for the station announcements.
No trains rolling in from the direction of Harajuku, Shinjuku. It is strange to see things so quiet.
The train driver takes a peek out of his cab to see what is going on.

It was starting to get crowded and I was running short of time, so I decided to catch a different line that would take me to Osaki, close by to Shinagawa.

The Shonan Shinjuku Line and Saikyo Line were still running so suddenly everyone decided to make the walk to the new platforms for these lines. It is still called Shibuya Station, but it seems a long way away.
So many people trying to find there way to or from the station. Normally this area of the concourse is not crowded at all. Today is a different story as normal Yamanote Line passengers look for alternate ways to travel.

The day ended up fairly good. It took me longer to walk from Osaki to Shinagawa than I thought, but apart from arriving late it was a nice walk. I have a few pictures I took on the walk, around the Gotenyama, Yatsuyama and old Tokaido route area, which I might load up tomorrow. I also took a walk at New Year around the Takanawa area which I haven’t uploaded yet. Must get busy ^^.

What do you do if the trains stop? Do you find an alternative route or wait around until they start again?

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  • rob7138

    First of all… that has to be the largest Starbucks I have ever seen Lol!. Looked like a nice, cold day out; it’s already getting warm here in Houston,Texas. Great pics as always. Do they ever shut down the intersection on the weekends on the weekend, due to too many pedestrians out and about?

    • Tristan

      It looks big but actually its not (for a major Starbucks that is). You have to order on the bottom floor (which must be about 5 meters wide!) and then go up stairs to drink (there is bench that runs along the windows and a row of chairs (sets of 2 and 4) behind the window seats) as well maybe 40-50 seats all up?

      This photo (taken on a tour I escorted last year)
      sort of shows how close the chairs are (kids in the background are on the window – on the right hand side of shibuya246’s photo) and Im at the chairs behind them)
      Its a great place to watch the world from though…..
      Maybe the Starbucks in Australia are just big!

      • shibuya246

        very true. Starbucks basically just gets the window space. Tsutaya needs the rest of the building to help us buy and rent videos 😉

  • lithiumangel

    No, they don’t shut it down. It just gets busier and busier incrementally from Thursdays till Saturdays as more and more people pour into Shibuya for the nightlife.

    I absolutely love the first pic of the girl waiting inside the train to leave, nice framing; captures the moment perfectly (especially with the pretty deserted looking path infront of the train)

  • Sara Mari

    Oh great to see more photos of Shibuya! Do you suppose the bamboo is permanent or just something still out from New Year’s? And the first time I saw a rat outside a pet shop was in Japan haha! The photos from the stopped trains are so interesting, but rather inconvenient.

    • shibuya246

      I think the bamboo might be permanent. It looks more Japanese than the rats 😉

  • Protocol Snow

    “Sounds like a passenger may have fallen on the rails”. That sounds more like a suicide attempt than anything.

  • whipcracker

    This will probably be the 1st. place i would want to take pics. The Starbucks at the enterance to Center Gai.

    • shibuya246

      Straight in for your coffee. Great idea 🙂

  • whipcracker

    The Susan Boyle Steam Roller, rumbles through Japan.

  • whipcracker

    The 2nd place to visit. Everytime I watch the trailer for the movie, it still brings a tear to the eye.

  • whipcracker

    RT @tweetmeme Shibuya Streets Vol8, Japan shibuya streets | Shibuya246 My second most favorite post besides the conbini monday feature. Were you able to find out exactly what happened to make the Yamanote line stop? I’ve never been on a train before to be able to feel the effects of finding an alternate route. Another great photo set, as usual. You are always able to capture just the right thing in each photo you take, whether it be people, places, or other interesting things. 🙂
    Well Gotta go make supper then watch the new season of “24” Jack Bauer to the rescue again.

    • shibuya246

      Jack always comes through in the end. I wonder if they would make a series with Jack saving Tokyo from a terrorist attack?

  • Aux

    Alternate routes? I wish. We don’t call CityRail “Sh!ttyRail ” for nothing. Unlike Tokyo, Sydney’s rail network spiders out in about five or six directions from the CBD with areas generally only serviced by one line – if yours is down, you’d better hope they organise some rail buses or you’re stuck! Oh, and buses generally only cover areas not serviced by trains. Ah, I love Sydney transport 😛 On a pleasanter note, lovely photography, as always – makes me feel like I’m actually there.

  • AKB48Fan

    Great pictures as always. I’ve only been delayed once on the trains after a suicide attempt in Uguisudani. I was going back to Shinjuku from Ueno. As there was no alternative train to take with the Keihin line also stopped I just had to sit tight for 40 mins whilst the ambulance and the police did their business.

  • Neksus

    Great catch on “girl-checking-mail”.
    When a train is late, all they say is “look at the arrivals board”.

    At least in Jp they can get tv on mobiles.

    • shibuya246

      Thanks. Yes, mobile tv is also a good option 🙂


    I would find an alternative unless I hated my job! lol

  • shibuya246

    Get your Starbucks coffee right here

  • tokyoso

    i could always have another cup of coffee and watch more people

  • johnkent

    Nice photos as usually. Is Starbucks popular in Japan, because here in Toronto you see it almost everywhere (in a little bit richer areas)?

    • shibuya246

      very popular, at least in Tokyo. Seems like there is a store every new building you go to.