Roppongi Street Cats

King of the Midtown jungle.

Time to go find something to eat maybe.
This cat was a bit shy, but very cute. Can you see me from behind here?
Ready to jump.
Doing some stretches before heading out for a big night on the town.
yep, got to get all the way down.
ok, getting hungry now.
Well, maybe just time for a quick nap before going out later.
The perfect place to sit on a Sunday afternoon.
yep, its a tough life being a Midtown cat.
Is someone coming?
Another cat hides down in the bushes.
Getting ready to pounce.
Are you still there?
Padding through the grass.
Nice gardens with rock wall and plants. Perfect for the cats.
ok, I see you down there. What are you doing in my area?
I liked the background yellow and sky blue behind this shot. Contrasted well with the cat.
mmm, let me check, no bikes, no scooters. nothing mentioned about cats. check ok!!
ok, time to head for the big city.
Got to get home by 23:00. Clear that one with the missus! Early night for the MidTown cats.
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  • whipcracker

    via @Shibuya246: Roppongi Cats, Japan Photo-Post | Shibuya246 The king of His Jungle. Doesn’t animal control try to round them up.It seems like when cats get older all they do is eat and sleep. It looks likes the cat was bothered by you following it around. How long were you following it? and the other one was hiding in the bushes. at least they have somewhere safe to go. After he did all of his stretching needed a quick nap to replenish the energy used in stretching. :)A nice end of the week article.
    Conbini Monday next?
    Have a great week, Boku no tomodachi.

    • shibuya246

      I was following him? The cat kept following me ^^. Just kidding. I think they actually liked people being around. 🙂

  • Tommy Lee – Malaysia – Please go to for more information.

    I like cats but wouldn’t want to own one because feeding and keeping it safe is a problem for me. I like especially this type of cat due to the stripes it have seem so cute.

    • shibuya246

      It is difficult to travel when you have pets, but there are positives too. Having communal cats like these in the park can be nice 🙂

    • shibuya246

      I think that is the same one. great 🙂

  • lithiumangel

    There are some really great pictures in this little outing ! I love it, especially number 2 where he seems to be coming towards you.
    Interestingly enough; just like Snoeksen mentioned I also saw the exacty same cat over numerous trips to Tokyo in a year’s time.
    This particular cat is an orange big one and can be found at the bench to the right of the entrance to the pond area of Ueno Koen.
    The last time i saw him during my latest trip in mid-November he seemed to have little ones with him 🙂
    The cute thing about this guy is; for some reason, this cat must have had a camera-radar built in.
    It would close it`s eyes as soon as I point the lens towards it, but pointing the lens elsewhere it would re-open it`s eyes again

    Here he is , in all his eye-closing glory !
    P.S I love the upload function

    [img] orange neko.jpg[/img]

    • shibuya246

      Thanks. These cats were easy to take as they were so friendly. Glad you like the upload function. It’s nice to see other people’s pictures as well.

  • Smithy

    Nice photos, cats can make such great photo subjects and with the backgrounds and lighting these look superb! ^^

  • Neksus

    #5&#6 are lucky shots. I always miss mine. Except sleep time and eat time.
    Gr8 job vo… (I read this in a forum, couldn’t resist).

  • johnkent

    Great photos. You’ve got a lot of experience. What lense did you use?

    • shibuya246

      Thanks 🙂 For the cats I was using an 85mm lens by Nikon, set at f/1.4 The ISO was on auto and came out at 800 for most shots. For other photos I will use a 50mm lens and a 70-300mm lens. The 70-300mm is more for street shots.