Conbini Monday Wk32

Glico seem to keep bringing out new versions on this successful theme for Pocky. The latest is Chocolate Fromage. Chocolate on a cheese stick, great idea.

If its sweets you are looking for, then this week won’t disappoint. Put your main meal away and dig into a few of these filler upper snacks.

Crunky is a long time favorite of many. I am not sure this strawberry cheese tart version will beat out the original, but nice try. I think someone suggested on Twitter that I pick up a NY Cheese cake from @Famima_now. This is as close as I got to that.
Meiji have some interesting packaging for these Poporons. In grape and apple flavor they might fill a small space between meals.
Calbee are bringing out more new flavors in their Jagariko range. Here is a glimpse of some pizza flavored ones. Could be good.
The selection of nuts seems to be picking up. What types of nut varieties can you get in your part of the world? Cashews sprinkled with seaweed? Almonds mixed with octopus?
Lawson have launched their line of premium sweets under the name Uchi Cafe Sweets. This premium eclair looks particularly tempting. The photo doesn't really do it justice. It looks a lot better in real life.

As always, there are plenty of drinks to help you wash down the tasty treats.

Beer and Chu-hi are popular items at the conbini. This Chu-hi offering from Suntory is a limited sale for winter only. Get your cherry cola and lime ginger ale Chu-hi down you at -196 degrees celsius.
This might be worth trying if only for the novelty factor. Someone decided it would be a good idea to have fizzy Tea. I hope they didn't put milk in before they shook it up.
There have been quite a few soba-cha drinks coming on to the market. Here are 2 different types, one from Ito-en and one from Suntory. There are quite a few people with Soba allergies so they will have to stay clear of this one.

Ava round out the drink selection here with some cute promotion.

Evangelion Coffee from UCC

Merry Christmas at Lawson right now courtesy of Rilakkuma and friends.

Here is a nice money box to save up for some prezzies.

What is your favorite from this week? Did you get anything yourself?

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  • alafista – Singapore – I'm the chief otaku of this website and I hope to spread the love for Japanese culture.

    Sparkling tea … hmmm I wonder how it would taste like

  • lithiumangel

    haha great ! I was actually about to suggest the alcoholic drinks (but lacked time) and here you have Chi-hi already !
    What is your favorite beer ? Mine is Asahi – anybody else here have any favorite Japanese beer or otherwise alcoholic drink ?

    I have to say, the Pizza flavored calbee Jagariko looks great.
    pssst…. how about talking about the various types of “shady magazines and manga” at Combini’s *wink nudge*

    • shibuya246

      LOL. nice suggestion. beer and shady magazines. A few years ago I could have stood i the store and read them all. Now, the shady ones have a plastic wrap on them so you can’t see inside (Tokyo Metropolitan ordinance), and many stores have put up signs saying no standing and reading unless you are buying. Shame really. Some things were better the old way 😉

  • zonjineko

    I’d be tempted to try that sparkling tea – might actually be alright. Anyone tried it?

  • insidethesilhouette

    I wonder if “sparkling” is going to be the next fad. You saw sparking tea, I sampled a “sparkling strawberry” KitKat. That’d be pretty interesting, wouldn’t it? Personally, I’d buy a “sparkling” onigiri if they managed it. 😉

    I noted that the Jaga Rico is 179 yen! That seems very overpriced for the volume.

    • shibuya246

      sparkling onigiri? love the idea. you could make a fortune 🙂

  • riCh chestMat

    I like to drink the Suntory whisky and water in a can. I’m drinking some as I type this. I’m also planning to snap up a choccobo Final Fantasy XIII can before I return to London. But the thing I REALLY want to know is where all the free gifts have gone that used to hang from bottles and coffee cans? I found one Sencha Panda Sensei on a rubber duck mascot on a Kirin Sencha bottle but that’s it. I’ve tried all the combini outlets in Shinjuku almost.

    • shibuya246

      It does look like there are not many gifts around right now. They might be seasonal and come back in the New Year. lets hope so. Thanks for joining us 🙂

    • Exiv96

      I didn’t have more luck than you back in October when I was in Tokyo. The only free gifts I saw packaged with drinks were some mascots for a green tea, and tiny cars (replicas of Tamiya R/C buggies from the 80’s) with cans of coffee.

  • Rene Chong

    Ooh! I love Crunky! Hope that they have the strawberry cheese tart flavor over here. I’ll definitely try it. And the Uchi Cafe eclair looks really really good! I’m feeling hungry already haha.

  • whipcracker

    RT @Shibuya246: Conbini Monday Wk32, Japan Conbini Monday | Shibuya246 Ahh Rilakkuma and Christmas goodies. At Lawsons of course. Is that UCC coffee a 3/pk or a 6/pk? Have only had 1 can before, and it was bought at the Mitsukoshi store at Disney World. in Orlando. It really tasted good. 🙂 I noticed the nabisco container next to the calbee one, is that a Chips Ahoy cookie container? Just how dry tasting is -196C? Everything in this article is making me very hungry and thirsty at the moment, knew I should have not skipped breakfast. 🙁 I can taste that eclair now nom,nom,nom…
    Well have a great week. 🙂

    • shibuya246

      I think its a 3pk, but can’t remember. sorry. The Nabisco one is called “chip star”, a bit like Pringles but slightly softer 🙂 Have a good week.

  • tristanforsyth

    I would pay you to ship me some of that stuff…I so miss Lawson’s!

    • shibuya246

      I would be happy to package some things up and send them if you want? What’s on your wish list?

      • tristanforsyth

        Where do I start?

        I may just take you up on the offer to get my Pocky fix! Its impossible to get in Australia and my wife thinks I’m mad for obsessing about it! (Have tried a Korean knockoff my local Asian store stocks but its nothing like the real thing!)

        Im not a sweet/lollies/candy type of person but I just feel in love with Japanese Confectionery! (esp. Pocky and Crunky- was a staple for our train trips, esp. the Shinkansen….spent many hours on the Bullet Train with Pocky to keep me company!)

        Maybe in the New Year we can work something out via Paypal though Im not sure how much it would cost! (postage and actually buying-what to get!!!…would have to trust your tastes!)

      • shibuya246

        postage from Japan overseas is not so expensive if you don’t want to insure the items. I have sent a few Rilakkuma items and other goods for under YEN 1,000 ($10) postage cost.

      • tristanforsyth

        mmmmm…will get back to you but start thinking about a mixture of pocky types for me!! (and some crunky….).

        based on the prices above, would be willing to spend between AU$30-40 dollars (YEN 25,000-30,000??) on ‘stuff’+postage+a thankyou gift for yourself as Im sure you can use some more Rilakkuma!!) (maybe AU$60-70 in total??) which should get me 10-12 boxes of pocky+ a some boxes of crunky! (conversion rates kind of factored in…)

        Will wait until new year and then contact you!
        Then I can spoil my daughter!

      • tristanforsyth

        mmm..where do I start?
        Will leave the choice of Pocky up to you of course!

        Based on prices above, would spend about AU30-40/YEN 25,000-30,000 to get 10-13 boxes of Pocky plus some crunky.
        Factor in postage+ a small gift for you as Im sure you can use some more Rilakkuma(!!!), Im guessing AU$65-75 should hopefully cover it!

        Will get back to you in the New Year if that’s OK? (kind of distracted atm with a new baby on the way)

        Seriously, you should hone in on J-Lists action here!!
        My Rilakkuna that was given to me by the staff at one of the Lawson’s in Kyoto!
        [img] on 2009-12-16 at 16.12 2.jpg[/img]



    I would totally pay you too for some of these items. Mostly rillakuma! You should sell on ebay or something you would be busy with sales. lol

    • shibuya246

      Might need some Rilakkuma helpers for this project 🙂

  • kimonobox1

    My helper

  • whipcracker

    Wish I could get in on this, but no extra money to go around 🙁 You know how much of a fan I am of Rilakkuma I am. 🙂

  • tristanforsyth

    sorry about the double post there…thought the first one didnt go through!

  • bookindian – . . . Just a flat-assed old man addicted to electronica and plump women . . .

    Pocky !! Pocky !! can by Pocky in the local supermarket – was a bit of surprise when I saw it, thought I was dreaming.