Mobile Phone Straps

The strap animals look bigger than the phone in some cases

Most users of Japanese cell phones (keitai’s), have a strap on their phone. I think the original idea was so you could hold the strap in case you dropped the phone, or have a longer strap that might go round your neck. Nowadays, it seems like the keitai strap is more of a fashion item than any practical use.

When I first got my iPhone the main thing I missed was the place to put my keitai strap. Now I have bought a soft plastic case which allows me to put a strap on as well. My strap is an “ABC Store” Bear from Hawaii, a good reminder of my favorite place to vacation.

Do you have a strap on your keitai? What’s your favorite? Does it remind you of something or somewhere you went?

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  • mamonjapao

    hello~~ hahaha.. yeah… i use cellphone strap… it’s easier to carry a phone when you have it… and their cute!!! hehehe 😛

  • parabnormal

    I have one on my phone of a tiny geta shoe and a brass kanji for music on it with a green tassel 😀 LOL those girls certainly have alot of straps on their phones! Wow! XD

  • whipcracker

    RT @Shibuya246: Mobile Phone Straps, Japan Single Photo | Shibuya246 At first I thought that one was Rilakkuma.
    The only one I have is the Google Android, that I won from one of Danny Choos contests. But my Virgin Mobile phone has no such place for a strap. And girls have purses that they can put their phones in when not using them. It would be to bulky and awkward co carry in your pocket, but to each his own. Nice looking photo though.
    Up next Conbini Monday.
    Btw is there a Rilakkuma strap?
    Another great week ahead. 🙂

  • Sara Mari

    Oh their straps are so cute~! I love that big teddy bear the girl on the left has. I don’t put any straps on my phone, but I have a collection of over 50 straps or so haha><

    • shibuya246

      50 straps. that beats me. I saw someone with about 10 straps on one phone. If you put your 50 on all at the same time that would be hard to find the phone 🙂

  • lithiumangel

    lol a strap on your iphone; you’re integrated well into Japanese society !
    No Japanese style straps for me or any attachments to my phone, simple reason. They wills cratch my phone when it’s all smushed in your pocket and I hate to bulk up my phone with protectors too 😛
    I suppose i’m more a practical kind of guy then ?

  • sorvani

    I always buy straps for my phone when I go back to japan, but they seem to break faster than I buy them. Currently no strap on my phone, but I do have on my Sony Reader.

    The one on my Reader is big enough to go on my wrist so that I can not drop it while walking and reading.
    The style I keep on my phone is a simple leather strap allowing me to have the strap dangle out of what ever pocket my phone is in. Occasionally the strap will be accompanied by a random decorative phone strap.

    • shibuya246

      nice, I have a strap on my digital camera as well 🙂

  • Chlose

    Sweet, got a ABC store strap. Diddnt even know they made those… Well ABC stores are tourist traps, i have no reason to go there(as i live here already, no need to go touristy^^)

  • Opal – Resident Card Slinger

    I like to make my own straps. ^///^ But I do own a lot of tamagotchi charms for it, through I hardly use them.
    I currently have one with the James M. Bennett Anchor(my high school’s mascot?) that a person whom got 11th in nationals for HPM designed.
    I made an aluminum baseball bat on a lathe at school, a charm I sometimes use, and am thinking of swapping the anchor back to that.

    I make my straps out of hemp and a button(the button hides the knot on the homemade loop) for the charms to go on. ‘w’
    Sometimes I put as many as 5 charms on it but more just feels waaaay to cluttered. I use the strap to get my phone out of my pocket(it dangles outside)

    they are so cute! >////<

  • Exiv96

    I bought two Mameshiba straps when I was in Tokyo, a talking one and a “mugen edamame”, but I can’t fit them on my Nokia. They’re way too cute to be used anyway. 🙂

    • shibuya246

      The talking one sounds good. Haven’t seen that.

  • Danny


    I had a strap with doraemon on it…
    Great toy, i still thnik about japan when i see it.
    Greetings Danny from Amsterdam.

    • shibuya246

      Thanks for dropping by Danny from Amsterdam 🙂

  • Yui – Japanese-English-Indonesian translator/web developer in training.

    cute bear strap! but that’s quite big O.o
    I put 3 straps on my phone, 2 hello kitty, because they are cute, and 1 transformers I got it for free when I bought the phone LOL

    • shibuya246

      the more the merrier 🙂

  • Teksu

    I had Pucca but my boyfriend lost her T_T and later Winnie the pooh, but I lost him too T_T since my cell phone is so sad.