Shinagawa Birds

These birds were swarming around in a group over the canal. Looks like they might have found something to eat?

I spotted these birds moving in a group around the canals in Shinagawa. Looks like they were either trying to drink some beer at the local Brewery, or they had found something in the water below. What do you think was down there?

The gray building behind looks like it has been painted a speckled color
I haven't visited the T.Y. Harbor Brewery before, but maybe they serve some really good fish down there. Must go and try it.

Anyone know what type of birds these are? What do you think was in the water?

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  • Neksus

    Uhm, rave party? 🙂

    Strange, until last pic I thought a big mountain of rubbish was passing by…

  • isoph

    They look like a flock of starlings would in Europe. In winter, starlings usually go foraging for food in the country during the day, and gather in big flocks to find a warm sleeping place in the city during the night (trees are full of whistling birds and walking under them gets pretty dangerous). I wonder how you’d define ‘country’ in Tokyo, though…

  • whipcracker

    RT @Shibuya246: Shinagawa Birds, Japan Single Photo | Shibuya246 If I’m not mistaken they look like Grackles.
    We have problems with those type of birds here, especia;;y in the spring and summer. They gather every where,trees, rooftops, high powerlines. They’ve become a nusiance for everyone, especially what they leave behind, yuck! bird poo 🙁 everywhere they go. I’ve seen some peoples cars just covered with their droopings, nasty. People have tried everything to get rid of them, but they keep coming back. Quite noisy also when they are in a flock of that size. You should see them when they gather on the high power lines, just waitng for 1 of those linnes to snap, then there’d be fried birds everywhere. Also sometimes they remind me of the Alfred Hitchcock movie “The Birds”
    That’s a link to internet movie database.
    Good story 🙂

  • pritjp

    So much birds >_> Poor people under them on the harbor 😉