Japan Aflac Merry Xmas

The Aflac truck was full of christmas cheer sporting these colorful ducks
The Aflac ads in Japan use a duck. You can see the character on the bottom left of the truck. Some of the ads are really well made, and have their own brand of 'cute' which is different to some other character brand ads.

For this product, they are taking the normal Japanese maneki-neko and converting it into a maneki-neko duck.

The ad below shows a cat teaching the duck how to hold up his paw to do the “maneki-neko” pose.

The truck says you need to check their website out to see what the special Christmas maneki-neko duck campaign is all about.
Up close with the ducks
As the big ducks roll by, not many are really paying them much attention.

Would you buy insurance from a duck that learned its trade from a cat?

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  • Neksus

    Never seen something like that, even here in Europe where it’s supposed to be the place to see such kind of stuff…

    Looks cool anyway!!

  • Rene Chong

    the neko duck’s really cute. looks good as an Xmas accessory haha

  • prousers.org

    wow, never seen one so nice things on the street, in Italy we are right back in those things cute!

    • shibuya246

      Cute is definitely in 🙂

      • prousers.org

        By the way, you have a fb my request, I had forgotten, I found you thanks to Will! 🙂

  • whipcracker

    RT @Shibuya246: Japan Aflac Merry Xmas, Japan Marketing | Shibuya246 http://bt.io/ALQj
    Aflac comercials are popular over here also. They’ve put the duck through many different commercial situations from the simple to the complex. I don’t know how that one would sell over here, though. But teaming the Aflac Duck and the Lucky Cat is a good choice. Being lucky that you have the extra insurance if you get injured, Aflac picks up what your regular insurance doesn’t cover.
    In the one photo it looks like that man is comong close to being run over by the truck, just by the camera angle. Sure hope he has Aflac to cover the extra expenses. The Cute factor sells no matter what. 🙂

    • shibuya246

      That’s a good way to sell insurance. Run them over first and then offer them cover 😉

  • bookindian – . . . Just a flat-assed old man addicted to electronica and plump women . . .

    nekkomimi duck? maybe this is a new kawaii figure. . .

  • TheJoyFactor

    He kind of reminds me of Pekkle (sp?).. that retired Sanrio character…