Japan Twitter Map

Are you on the Shibuya Twitter map today?

I am just checking out the Shibuya area twitter map which shows those people who are tweeting locally with a GPS enabled device. As more people use applications requiring GPS, this map will start to fill up with thousands of tweets.

It is another interesting example of how search on the internet has changed from corporate encyclopedia type entries, to news items, personal opinion blog posts, to twitter-like snap shot comments, and then to take that information of the page and reorganize it not just into subject matter but also source of origin.

Do you have a twitter map website you can share with us? Are you on the map somewhere?

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  • Neksus

    I don’t use twitter nor facebook.
    1. internet via mobile phone is higher priced than the house mortgage I have
    2. I need a phone too expensive for the times I drop it on the floor
    3. I already have internet addiction – let me get th eshakes while I’m “out, there, someplace…..”

    But it looks funny to know who is where.
    Never hooked up with some ‘net friends to grab a beer?

    • Neksus

      I meant “shakes” but it came out “e-shakes”… Cool!

      • shibuya246

        e-shakes? that could be the next big thing ^_^

  • whipcracker

    RT @Shibuya246: Japan Twitter Map, Japan Technology | Shibuya246 http://bt.io/AJGs
    I never knew that this app. existed till you brought it up. I think this would be helpful to parents who might want to keep tabs on their children away from home. Or to find out where friends are. Unfortunately my virgin mobile does not support this. When I clicked on the twitter map logo, it pulled up a map 30-40 miles from my location. Now “Big Brother” has another way to check up on you.