Conbini Monday Wk17

Rilakkuma's pick, cookies and marshmallows

2 tasty treats for this weeks conbini monday, and a special Rilakkuma bottle top opener give-away from Lawson.

Guimauve soft marshmallow type strawberry sweets
Nice crunchy chocolate chip cookies from Fujiya

Rilakkuma gets in other product side of conbinimonday this week as he is involved with Lawson to promote soft drinks. Here is his bottle top opener giveaway. Collect all 6 !

The rilakkuma bottle top opener in action
View from above. Are you ok Rilakkuma?
and there are 6 in the set to collect, so get down to your local Lawson and find them

Lawson, Matsumoto Kiyoshi joint stores
Also in the news today is that Lawson and Matsumoto Kiyoshi are joining forces to build a set of super drug-conbini store. Taking advantage of the law change that allowed convenience stores to sell certain medicines, Lawson have obviously seen the potential to grow their business fast by teaming up with some experts.

It will be interesting to see what comes out of this conbini combination.

Lawsonmatsumoto kiyoshiRilakkuma
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  • chun –

    kawaii! I want! 😛

  • Exiv

    I have a question about combinis. Thanks to your blog, I know they sell magazines, but do they have a wide assortment, or do they only carry the “bare essentials” ?

    I’m going on a trip to Tokyo in about two months time, and would like to sample a few local magazines about cars and trains, but I don’t know if they’re widely available or not.

    • shibuya246

      Some small conbinis only carry the bare essentials, but others have a nice range of magazines for all tastes including cars and maybe trains.

      You can go to a bookstore like Kinokuniya or Maruzen or Yurindo or Book 1st and many others to get a really large selection of magazines about everything. You will find a lot of magazines on cars and a lot on trains. In Tsutaya the other day I saw about 15 different rail magazines.

      • Exiv

        Thank you, Shibuya-san ! This will be very useful when I’ll be in Tokyo.

  • whipcracker

    RT @Shibuya246: Conbini Monday Wk17, Japan Conbini Monday | Shibuya246
    Rilakkuma sure has the “Eye” for snacks.:) Choc chip cookies, my favorite yum, yum:), and those strawberry marshmallow thingys, never seen them before. Only in Japan? As far as OTC medicines ares just sell the basics, good to see they will be able to expand on the offerings. Is Lawsons a Japanese company? I heard that there are some in the US, not here though. Great to see Rilakkuma is teaming up with conbini in the marketing aspect, suer is cute , I wouldn’t mind one myself…maybe part of a giveaway or contest?
    Well another great Conbini Monday, and say a big hello to him for me, he’s become my fav.

  • Coollead

    You know, the Rilakkuma bottle openers aren’t limited to Lawsons, right?

    They’re everywhere. My local Daiei in the suburbs of Osaka has an entire display of them.

    • shibuya246

      Good to see that it is not just Lawson. Thanks for pointing that out 🙂