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Cover of Brutus Magazine 2009 08/15

I have introduced some articles from Brutus Magazine before, but wanted to take a special look at this the current edition out. The edition selling from Aug 15, 2009 is titled “Re-discover Japan”.

The magazine contains some stunning pictures of Japan’s scenery and explores the traditions behind many of the festivals. 127 locations and 126 books are covered in the edition.

Iwate Festival
Rediscovering Mt Fuji
400 years of dancing festival history

There is a handy map section showing where the locations are with a reference guide separated them into festivals with unique characters, shrines with good luck charms, scenic spots, fish markets, number 1 in the world unique spots, scenic impact spots and others.

The rediscover Japan map
Scenic spots section
Number 1 in the world, unique section

This magazine normally costs YEN 650 in the convenience store or book store. Each edition has an interesting theme.

I am organizing with a division of Net Price Co., called FlutterScape to arrange shipping of some magazines and other goods for those who are interested to purchase. Should have more news next week. To cover shipping costs etc., you can expect a magazine like this to maybe sell for YEN 1,300 or about $13.

Let me know in the comments section if you are interested or what other goods you might want to have put on the list.

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  • grey

    yes! i would love to get a copy of it! that is, if i can’t find it in melbourne.. 😛

    • shibuya246

      sounds good. happy hunting

  • rrabano – I’m a small business owner. I was a Pharmaceutical Rep. for Parke-Davis and with 3M Pharmaceutical. Married and busy running our 3 Clinic in N.C. I enjoy Cooking, out-door sports, Gardening, Music all kinds, Photography, Cabinet Making and I’m interested in writing hence blogging. My interest is so diverse so I can be writing about different topic. I hope by writing about my interest and opinion. I can find something I can be good at. Thank you.

    I’m interested in this book. How do I order.

    • shibuya246

      Should have order details available by Monday or Tuesday. thanks

  • whipcracker

    RT @Shibuya246: Brutus Magazine | Japan Culture | Shibuya246

    This is just like a travel guide. Great looking magazine.
    Even though I can’t afford to buy, maybe someday,I offer these suggestions:
    1) Train station gifts:
    keychains,station signs, pen&stationary train models and their mascots, need to find one for Rilakkuma
    2) Affiliate programs, like w/j-list.
    3) Travel guides; like the Brutus magazine and others associated with it or videos.
    4) Conbini merchandise, could maybe work out a deal w/the local ones in your neighborhood,giving them exposure like you do during the conbini mondays.
    These are just mho anything I can help to do to promote your site.

  • nexusangel – Singapore

    I’m quite interested… could you post it to Singapore? 🙂

    • shibuya246

      I am pretty sure we can post to Singapore. Will let you know on Monday or Tuesday

  • xing chen

    I am interested. There are also some design magazines that are really good. Maybe you can open a store on Ebay?