Conbini Monday Wk15

Get Well snacks on conbini monday

I was stuck in hospital last week, so Conbini Monday was a no show. This week the series is back and Rilakkuma has been down to pick up some ‘get well’ snacks.

First thing you want to do when you get out of the hospital is down some burger and chips. So here is the closest I came to that.

Every Burger, (Caramel Milk taste)

Meiji’s Fran brand has new flavors and styles all the time. This current regeneration is a nice blend of chocolate, cream and strawberry. You won’t be able to stop with just one. (I’m talking about 1 packet).

new Fran Whipps
the back of the Fran Whipps packet

The Meiji Fran site has some good music and pixs to see.

and a late entry, more salt with the chocolate, this time from McVities. The iphone struggled for focus in the store and I didnt want to buy salty biscuits when I have a salty stone inside me.

McVities Salt and Chocolate

Has anyone started to see the salt and chocolate boom in other countries?

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  • whipcracker

    Rilakkumas doing his part in trying to make you feel better 🙂 Those Everyburger look like the ones that are made w/gummie fruits. But these look really yummy 🙂 But those Fran Whipps look like neopolitan icecream but in a stick form. I don’t think I could stop with just 1 packet either just too yummy looking. And what a way to advertise their product, the actor representing the chocolate stick the calling forth the strawberry and vanilla flavors. Simple but effective commercial.
    Also those salt and choclate biscuits look good, but you don’t need those in your condition, don’t want it aggrevated any more. And I haven’t seen anything with that type of combination over here yet. Hope your doing okay, and get those stones taken care of as soon as possible.
    Take care,
    jaa ne

  • Kuroshirohaiiro

    Welcome back!…A long anticipated conbini monday atlast!…Fantastic!

  • kimonobox1

    Wow – caramel burgers?
    Good to see Conbini Monday back up again

    • whipcracker

      You bet conbini Mondays rock! especially with Rilakkuma hosting it. He rocks also. Kiminobox you need a mascot also. 🙂