Pokemon Yamanote Train

The Pokemon Yanamote Train bound for Tokyo

Each year at summer, Nintendo and JR hold a stamp rally for the kids. The stamp rally requires the children to collect rubber stamp imprints for each section of the Pokemon card which they can collect at most JR stations in Tokyo.

Side view of the train with the doors shut

To stamp the card they have to travel to each of the stations indicated exiting the station to then go back in and move on to the next stamp place. Presumably each time they go in and out of the station, JR is picking on some revenue.

Once the flyer is full they can send it in for a chance to win some prizes.

The Yamanote Train decorated with Pokemon characters
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  • whipcracker

    That’s a great looking train. Really colorful. What’s the cost of going in and out of the trains to collect the stamps for all the trains. Can you use the Sucia card on those trains?
    Now all we need is a Rilakkuma train and were all set.

    • shibuya246

      The cost for kids is quite cheap, but normally an adult is with them. maybe aboout 150 yen each time. you can suica.

  • Asuka

    Ive been wanting to watch that movie since im a pokemon fan, but unfortunately, im not stopping by Japan this summer >< Will wait for the dvds
    And they made that train look so awesome ^^