Moe Konbu (kelp)

Erimo and Kirika debuting for Seishun Konbu

The latest product to promote itself with a Moe blend is konbu from the town of Erimo in Hokkaido.

The brand named Seishun Konbu is using 2 characters, Misaki Erimo (みさき えりも) and Chishima Kirika (ちしま きりか) both cast as 2nd year middle school students (中学生).

Chishima Kirika on the left and Misaki Erimo on the right. Nice to meet you

You can buy this konbu online though it is all in Japanese and looks like they are only sending domestically within Japan.

Seishun konbu on sale now

Konbu is an essential part of Japanese diet and is used to make dashi (soup stock). Over 90 percent of konbu in Japan is cultivated in Hokkaido.

All photos from Fujita konbu kakoujyo, sellers of seishun konbu website

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  • whipcracker

    Moeness to sell kelp lol 🙂 Where do they come up with these things? Seems like everything and everything is able to be sold in Japan 🙂
    Btw here’s a site to check out it really makes you wonder about things people say and do.
    Have a great day.

    • shibuya246

      If its not cute it just doesn’t sell as well. 😉

    • whipcracker

      Your quite right, if it’s not cute it doesn’t sell