Adidas Futsal Shibuya

The adidas Futsal Park in Shibuya has been in place for a few years now. I was asked by a reader to show some photos so here they are.

The Futsal Park is always popular with either matches or training. It really is a good use of the space on top of this Tokyu Department building.

Must be hard to concentrate with the large adidas striker add above you

This is the same Department store (the same building as exists today) where they used to have the cable car ropeway leaving from years ago.

Whilst we are looking out over the adidas futsak park, here are some other things you can see from the 20th floor of the Excel Tokyu Hotel at Shibuya

A view of the Docomo Tower at Yoyogi
Looking out over Yoyogi and Harajuku
The rooftop of an adjacent building being used to rest and cool off in the heat
The view from the Excel Tokyu Hotel
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    Nice pics. What’s u’r vantage point.

    • shibuya246

      from the 20th floor of the Excel Tokyu Hotel

  • cvarta – Basel, Switzerland – System and Network Engineer who likes to develop applications on the side.

    nice I haver never seen that football before. I have only heard of it. Love the view. Do you have any more pictures like that, from different roof tops ?

    • shibuya246

      plenty more on the way. 😉

  • whipcracker

    RT @Shibuya246: Adidas Futsal Shibuya | Japan | Shibuya246 Thanks for the photos 🙂 From the photos I saw before I didn’t see the nets around before. Because I was going to say, what would happen if a ball went off the side of the building? You always take some of the best photos thanks for all your hard work! 🙂 I’m glad you got more photos coming, 🙂
    Domo arigato…bows

    • shibuya246

      thanks. I had my friend on the camera for these shots. He was keen to try out my new Nikon camera. I liked how he framed the last photo of the window from the Excel Tokyu Hotel.

      It’s great to get out with the camera and more fun with a few friends along.

      More photos coming 🙂

  • Fazreen – KL – a freestyler
    Een Rockstar

    Nice pic. I love futsal and do freestyle.

    • shibuya246

      great stuff. futsal is a lot of fun

  • Sky7

    While not football related. I always liked seeing the golf driving ranges that are on the high rooftops in Tokyo. In fact, it’s almost like another world with all of the different rooftop settings in and around the buildings in Tokyo.


    • shibuya246

      Some of the ranges on top of buildings have fantastic views of the city, particularly at night. I might try and capture a few of these shortly. thanks