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When asked by your friends ‘How did he propose to you?’, imagine if you could say that your husband rented out an entire movie cinema, featuring a special DVD of your own dating memories before getting up on stage and popping the question?

In Tokyo, Japan at Shibuya Theater Tsutaya, that is exactly what is now happening for many happy couples. The theater introduced a new service last year in June, 2008, informally calling themselves ‘Proposal Planners’. Their staff spend time with the proposer, normally the male, and organize with him how he would like the evenings event to be planned.

Plan Details
A typical plan might be as follows:

  • 9:00pm – Enter theater with Partner thinking it is a regular movie showing
  • 9:30pm – Show a prepared DVD of the couple from
  • 9:45pm – DVD finishes with Partner wondering what’s coming next
  • 9:50pm – With background music playing, get up on stage and propose
  • 10:00pm – Flowers and Champagne brought in by staff and presented
  • 10:10pm – Staff gather to warmly congratulate the happy couple, if all has gone well
Shibuya Theater Tsutaya

It is possible to make many variations on this plan to suit your own tastes. One client, a dancer, organized to leave his seat before the DVD started, change into a tuxedo and then appeared under a spotlight on stage to dance for his Partner before proposing.

In speaking with Mr Yamashita of Shibuya Theater Tsutaya, he said

Our entire staff aim to create a great atmosphere for the couple to enjoy and remember forever their wedding proposal.

As part of the planning arrangements, the theater also prepare a commemorative personalized entrance ticket to the theater which you can keep.

Proposing on the big screen

Available Times
The service is available at times starting from 9pm, after the main operating hours of the theater. Proposers can plan all details of the event with staff but should prepare their own DVD and choice of background music. It is possible to bring along Wine, Champagne and any other items to use as part of the proposal event.

Pricing for the event is set at around YEN 50,000 ~ YEN 60,000 (US $500 – $600) for a 1-2 hour booking.

So far Shibuya Theater Tsutaya have seen 10 couples propose in this way and are happy to say that all 10 answers were a positive YES. Don’t forget though, that they are Proposal Planners not proposal makers and the best planning does not always guarantee the right answer.

Shibuya Theater Tsutaya is located near Bunkamura. It has 2 cinemas, one with 262 seats and the other with 173 seats. It shows a wide range of movies. It screened Chocolate Underground earlier in the year.

More Information

It is also possible to book the theater for private parties and events. Typical prices for a party event may be around $1,500 (not including movie screening fees).

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  • haf1983

    Now this is a nice and original idea. But it surely won’t stay that way for long, as it’s become a service and more and more people will propose in this or a similar way. I sure hope that I will be able to come up with something original, when the time comes when I will propose to the one person dear to me. 🙂

    By the way, I strongly dislike treating tweets as comments, in my opinion they usually don’t add any value for other visitors of the site.

    • shibuya246

      Thanks. I have made it optional to view the Twitter comments if you wish, but the default is they are off

      • haf1983

        Thanks, I think that makes the structure much more clearly arranged. 🙂

  • whipcracker

    This a very novel idea,and it looks like a sure fire way to suprise your intended=epic win I hope.
    Why isn’t my intense debate score showing up? Did I do something wrong?

    • shibuya246

      I’m sure it is a great night out and one to remember 🙂

      I am having some trouble with IntenseDebate. Trying to resolve problems at the moment. Your comments are being saved though. Should have things worked out shortly. Ill keep an eye on the points as well.

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