Tokyo Soccer

The Tokyo Verdy Soccer Team Kick-off photo for the match against Tokushima Vortis , 11 July 2009
The practice session before the match begins
The lights come on for the evening game
The kids get a chance to sit on the touchline while the warmup is on. Good experience for them
A few practice shots on goal for that keeper to get his eye in
The manager and coach look on cautiously planning the next moves for their team
With the match underway, Tokushima Vortis in the gray strip make an attacking move
Verdy take back the ball with some quick footwork. The ref looks on checking there was no foul
A little bit of shirt pulling here, but nothing too serious
A counter-attack on the move, Vortis look to put a stop to it
Playing it close to the touch line, the keeper gives some advice to his player
A goal kick taken nicely by Tokyo Verdy
An incoming header creates a chance for Verdy
The Vortis goalkeeper goes down for a good save deflecting the ball away from goal
The Tokyo Verdy fans enjoying tha match
The referee makes sure that the pace of play is kept brisk
This header meets the cross perfectly and the first goal is scored for Verdy
Time for a quick drink and a cool off
A Verdy player goes down after a hard tackle
Looks like we won't be needing the stretcher this time
The free kick creates a chance, but there is some jostling for positions to be done first
Official J-League soccer balls
A nice cross executed by the Verdy player
Contemplating the best place to aim the throw in
An appeal to the referee for a foul goes begging
Slowing down the pace to plan the next throw in
A nice bit of control being shown here by the number 13 for Vortis
A power cross being executed by the Verdy player
Just one minute of extra time being added on to the first half
Some encouragement being provided to his players by the Verdy Manager
An incoming cross is dealt with by the goalkeeper
No stopping that ball as Verdy rack up another goal
and that's another fine shot that will also find the back of the net for Verdy
A fast clearance by the Vortis goalkeeper
The Tokyo Verdy team thank their supporters after the match
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