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Creating some interest with his Vitamin Water charged bike

Looks like after seeing the electronic billboards, the trucks with advertising on them, and occasionally small car/bike advertising, we now have a new player in the on the road / off the road adverting area.

Vitamin Water had this guy pushing his specially modified bike through Shibuya promoting their product. From the number of stares he was getting it appears the form of advertising was working at least for its novelty factor.

Not sure whether he rides this or just keeps pushing it

Here is the product being advertised. You have probably seen this in your local supermarket or convenience store.

What other strange forms of advertising have you seen in Japan on the roads / footpaths ?

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  • cvarta – Basel, Switzerland – System and Network Engineer who likes to develop applications on the side.

    I tried vitamin water, was essentially water with a lot of sugar. Might be not as healthy as it seems like and I surely cannot recommend it.. However, on Top of that I find it quite a strange way to advertise: with pictures of bottles. Here usually people give out free samples of new drinks at public places like train station where with minimal effort you can reach a lot of people.

    Greetz Number0bis (leaving for holidays to Egypt, visiting some relatives)

    • shibuya246

      It's noty favorite drink, either. Just an interesting way to advertise in a market where you need to find a unique edge. Have a great time in Egypt

  • whipcracker

    That's a strage looking bike,it looks backwards to me.The two wheels should be in back and the one in front. Looks like it would only work if you would be going down a very straight path imo. But if it sells the product all the better. I've tried this one time, it wasn't too bad, but over here I'll stick to Gatorade. There's only one commercial i've seen for the product here ,and it was with Carrie Underwood; American Idol winner from a few years ago.

    • shibuya246

      Sometimes strange is what it takes to stand out. I haven't seen any others like this one but not sure it will really catch on