Big Sight Exhibition

The outside view of Tokyo Big Sight

I went out today to help out with some friends at an exhibition at the Tokyo Big Sight convention center in Odaiba.

It was great to see so much activity in the area, with all halls full of exhibitors and participants. There were also lots of signs up in support of the Tokyo 2016 Games Bid.

First class transportation via monorail or TWR rail connects you to Big Sight
For more on trains: Train to Odaiba

Plenty of color and signs for Tokyo 2016
Looks more like a busy station or airport. People everywhere
Tokyo 2016 Candidate City
Location Map, Its a big place and easy to get lost

My friends booth was at the 4th International Variety-Gift Expo

Variety Gifts Expo

There were lots of exhibitors, some trying to introduce their foreign products into Japan, others trying to introduce Japanese products to foreign companies.

Ever wanted to make your own Japanese lanterns?

really nice towels and cloths from Futaba Corp.

Here is my friends stand. They have the license to sell a ceramic safe cooking pan in Japan. The pan is not made of teflon, but instead is ceramic. The demonstration showing how well the pan handled burned milk or burned cheese was very impressive.

Safepan Australia now selling in Japan
Potential customers asking why this pan is different to other ones
Pans on display

It is interesting to note that the pans are designed for their practicality and great ability to cook well and safely, rather than the other Japanese pans I saw which had brand logos, character goods and multi colored designs on them, but didn’t have any particular distinguishable practical usage.

video presentation in background showing its usage
A pancake being cooked in the background. I'm hungry already
The explanation gets underway

I also checked out some of the other exhibitors that looked interesting and in particular came across this stand showing their latest products for Solar Bear (そらべあ).

Solar Bear on display

Solar Bear goods ready to be released very soon

The design for these Solar Bear goods are by Shinzi Katoh Design and are distributed in Japan through Edogawa Busan Co.

The cute Shinzi Katoh Design van

3 nice cats

Time to go home and a quick look outside for transportation options again

Easy English signs combined with Japanese language

taxi or buses
monorail, rail, or marine bus. plenty of choice

If Tokyo is successful in its Bid for the Olympic and Parlympic Games in 2016, the Tokyo Big Sight will feature the Wrestling, Fencing and Taekwondo events. In fact there will be quite a few of the Games events held within a short distance of Tokyo Big Sight, as Odaiba will come to life with the spirit of the Games.

More info on proposed venues for Tokyo 2016 Games.

More Information
For more information on the Safepan product you can view

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  • whipcracker

    Everything is so big bright and colorful over there. I've never cooked with a ceramic pan before would be interesting how it stands up against teflon coated pans. And so it looks like the solar bear is gaining popularity. Don't worry Rilakkuma is still #1 BEAR in my book. Please tell him that, okay? I'd like some of those lanterns for my house they'd really brighten up the place.

  • caughtrh

    You're right, it really does look like an airport. There looks to be a hell of a lot of activity going on. Hope you're friends concession did well.

    • shibuya246

      A lot of activity, particularly when the economy is not supposed to be doing so well.