Fuji TV vending machine

Vending machine for Fuji TV

This vending machine is located at the Kokusai Tenjijo Station at Odaiba, which is the nearby station for Fuji TV.

keyring chains, keitai straps
mascot pens
trains and pen cases

They have a panel of TV screens set up at the station that shows various adverts, including the Fuji TV ads. The 9 monitor display panel looks a little quaint considering some of the large neon screens you can see in other places like Shibuya, Shinjuku and Akihabara.

Fuji TV adverts

Ad showing tour of Fuji TV building

And while you are in Odaiba you might want to get a look at the view back towards central Tokyo.

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  • Marsha Wenur

    the price is kinda expensive for a tiny key chain or cellphone's straps like that. but again.. what's not expensive there in japan? right? ^_^

  • shibuya246

    is does seem a bit pricey doesn't it? considering the popularity of these type of brands, shibuya246 needs to start thinking about filling a vending machine with something 🙂

  • whipcracker

    I'd bet a Rilakkuma vending machine would be a great thing the more competition the better.There are so many different things that could be put in there. And then everyone that uses the station would see his name in lights. rilakkuma a must get… if only could afford it. Looks like your the first one to post pictures of the gundam with the eyes lit up.
    great job.

  • shibuya246

    Thanks. Good suggestion

  • zerofireblog – 'ello, Brittany here. Normal Eighteen year old procrastinator. I love writing, reading, and snapping Photos.

    I don't know why, but I love Japanese Vending Machines. Must be the different things you can find in them. Those phone charms are cute too.