What’s GREE?

クリノッペ GREE at Shibuya Station

As you can see by these photos, there is a big advertising campaign at Shibuya station for the service called GREE. It is a Japanese based social networking site that allows online users to share information, games and to look after online virtual pets.

Mobile Phone pet, Kurinoppe

The クリノッペ character in the advert is one of these pets.

The word GREE comes from the phrase “Six degrees of separation”. Their web based site includes a profile page, diary log, photo album, reviews, community section and mail. The service has been running since 2004.

example of GREE web based site - profile page

The web based service looks fairly plain, but the banner for their mobile phone based site looks a lot more interesting.

mobile phone into for GREE site

I’m not sure about virtual pets online, and Tamagotchi was hugely popular for a while. For the moment I think I will stick with Twitter. See you online at http://twitter.com/shibuya246

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  • whipcracker

    I agree I'll stick with Twitter also. I'll just tweet using my computer. My phone a Virgin mobile, the battery won't stay charged so I keep it plugged in. With the price of batteries and limited funds,computer is cheaper. that actually looks like something for the younger crowds imo. But once again only from Japan could we get something like this. LOL 🙂
    ja mata ne.

    • shibuya246

      Very true. I'm not sure how quickly this type of service would have grown if it had been launched in Europe or the States.

      • cvarta – Basel, Switzerland – System and Network Engineer who likes to develop applications on the side.

        well the pet looks cute :D. However really for the moment twitter is enough.

  • andoryuj

    I agree. Keeping up with Twitter keeps me busy enough as is. I don’t need a virtual pet to take care of too.

  • sakuramaruu

    Yeah.. Twitter keeping me busy too. My Facebook getting neglected but can't help it. Learning so much from my Twitter friends. 🙂 Like Shibuya! For similar services like these, I like to check out best practices though.