Outdoor Live Jazz

I was walking up the hill at Sakuragaoka-cho when I came across this live jazz festival under the Sakura trees.

Tokyo Galaxy Jazz Orchestra
A concert under the Sakura feeling

Of course a Sakura festival is nothing without some treats to go with it.

Dishing up the treats!

and treats are nothing without some free sake

There were more than a few takers for these

I managed to take a quick video of one song. They were pretty good!

Plenty of onlookers enjoying the Shibuya atmosphere on this side of the station. It is very different to the Hachiko side where you have Center-gai or the Miyamasu-zaka side (宮益坂). Much quieter and laid back.

The crowd

The mochi was hand made on the spot. Here are the guys and girl putting their backs into the work of making mochi for everyone.

Mochi in the making

Of course the Sakura were in full bloom providing everyone with a great excuse to come out and see what was going on. Everyone seemed in a good mood with the Sakura out. Maybe pink is a soothing color.

Sakura at Sakuragaoka-cho

A good concert with some nice people from Shibuya. Sakura season is fun.

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