Sakura on its way!

The Sakura was so small here, the camera didn't even catch the focus

The prediction for Sakura to arrive in Tokyo this year was the 22 or 23rd of March. With the weather forecast for rain tomorrow, it looks like Monday 23 should be the best time for the Sakura to come out, at least in Shibuya. I took the above picture today on a hill known as Sakuragaoka-cho (桜丘町). There were only a very few buds that had opened and if it rains tomorrow they would be better off to stay closed until Monday.

The weather forecast looks semi-ok. The expected rain on Wednesday should not be enough to wash away the Sakura that come out on Monday, and by Thursday, Friday, Saturday with the good weather hopefully we should see lots of pink everywhere.

Weather forecast by Yahoo for Tokyo area

Here is a picture of the hill from the bottom. I will post another picture when the Sakura are out so you can see the difference. It is very different when the Sakura are out.

Waiting for the Sakura to blossom
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  • jillem1

    Just drinking tea from my sakura cup I purchased at Starbucks thanks to your promotion -very nice

    • shibuya246

      Good to hear that Sakura is happening your way. Thanks for checking in.