Cold riding your bike ?

Hot Bike seat

It is winter in Japan at the moment and whilst it has not really been that cold for those who want to warm up while riding your bike here is the answer. I dont know whether the hot toilet seat came first or whether the hot bike seat has been around for a while, but they look to be a related commodity.

This is the latest offering from Suzuki that is sure to keep you warm this winter on the road.

The Grip Heater

To complement the hot bike seat there is a of course a heater for the handle bars. The handle bar heater has a 5 grade heat setting so you can get comfortable while riding. It looks like you change the heat setting the same why you would rev the motor. Best not to try changing the heat setting whilst stopped at traffic lights in case you get the two mixed up.

What will they think of next? a vibrating heated seat maybe with a washlet attached. Or a sensor that pumps out clean air when you start the motor. It really seems to take away the raw ride from the bike. I guess the Harley’s wont be coming out with this feature any time soon.

Handle and Seat warmer for bike - Suzuki
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