Burger King back in the Center-gai !!

Burger King has been back in Japan for a while now, but it is great to see the franchise back in the middle of the center-gai in Shibuya. I was passing today and saw the store was open. When I stopped to check the menu I heard the manager telling someone “we opened yesterday. Thanks for coming”. Lets hope it is here to stay this time.

Here are some shots of the store taken today.

and a link to some information about why Burger King left last time and what they are going to do different this time


and from another site

http://www.japaneconomynews.com (Burger King story)

Enjoy your burgers !

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  • Wine Blog

    mmmm.. Burger king! I could go for a chicken sandwich and some onion rings right about now! Tasty eats!!

  • toranosuke

    That’s disgusting. I’m getting nauseous just thinking about Burger King food.