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Japan Post

The Conbini Box #1 offer has been completed and the packages sent out. I took a few snaps of the process and also shot some live ustream footage. Picture...


Shinjuku skyline

I took some photos from the Excel Hotel in Shibuya and had a go at pasting them together to make a panorama. It’s a bit shaky, but you get to see a wide...


Japan Hamburgers

With Wendys leaving Japan, at least for the moment, McDonalds is not letting up its campaign to keep people eating its hamburgers. After introducing the...


Japan’s Manga Guide

I haven’t seen this before. It was published in 2007. It sounds interesting with the main characters, a mouse from the US and cat from Japan en tour...

character goods

Rilakkuma 2010

Forgot to post this on Monday. When I was at the Rilakkuma store I spotted this New Year decoration featuring the three main characters. Looks like the are...


Tokyo Station Kimono

There are some great shops at Tokyo Station. I showed you some photos from a few of the stores on Character Street before. There are also plenty of souvenir...


Pachinko Store

Pachinko stores are popular all year round in Japan. At New Year many of the stores give gifts to their customers and wish them a Happy New Year. This store...


Japan for Kids

Excellent guidebook for those with children in Japan.
Have you taken a look at this?

Lots of great ideas for trips to Japan.

Conbini Monday

Conbini Monday Wk35

This weeks Conbini Monday saw me shopping for the first Conbini Box items that a number of people have ordered. Thanks for all those who put their order in. I...


Japan Birds

It has been a busy day making some changes on the Site. I have photos to upload from my walk around Takanawa and visit to a shrine for New Years, but have not...


Bean Fun

This is one of my favourite picks on Amazon Japan.
Have you tried one of these before?
Great stocking filler!!
Amazon Japan


Japan Park Dance

I came across their dance scene in Yoyogi Park when out for a walk on New Years Day. It looked like they were making some sort of cosplay dance movie or maybe...


Toilet Paper for New Year

Is this amazing at Amazon Japan or what? The kids are laughing at my suggestions here —- but would you buy this for the season? Why not! I love it! You...