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Tokyo View

Its a fine day in the city. This photo was taken before the earthquake in Tohoku. You can see the top of Tokyo Tower is not bent here. After the earthquake it had a slight bend in the very top of it

View from Japan

A lot of times, pictures of Japan show Tokyo and Kyoto with familiar images. Sometimes, it is nice to go to new places and see a different view. Here is a view of the bay in Kyushu. What great views of Japan do you know that are a…

Seto Ohashi Bridge

I traveled to Shikoku recently, catching the Shinkansen to Okayama and then the train to Takamatsu, crossing the Seto Ohashi Bridge. This is a stunning set of bridges that links Honshu to Shikoku. There are 2 other bridge routes to Shikoku,…

Yokohama View

The Landmark Tower in Yokohama gives a great view of the whole City. It is the tallest building in Japan at 296 metres. The view from the 69th floor observatory deck is great on a clear day.

Shinjuku skyline

I took some photos from the Excel Hotel in Shibuya and had a go at pasting them together to make a panorama. It's a bit shaky, but you get to see a wide shot of Tokyo from it. Can you see the mountain range in the background from…

View from my window

The other day was a nice clear sunset which gave the view from my window an extended reach all the way down to Yokohama. I could just make out the Yokohama Landmark Tower and the 観覧車, kanransha Ferris Wheel. Can you make out the…

Rail Fans

Trains are always popular in Japan and there are many books and magazines available for rail fans to enjoy. Just recently a number of new magazines have come out with some great pictures of trains and Japan scenery. These…