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    I have been away for the last 5 days and have some photos to catch up shortly. Can you guess where I have been?
  • A beautiful sunny day in Arashiyama by the water. Arashiyama is a great place to take a day trip from central Kyoto and enjoy the mountains and Temples in the area. On the weekend many families are out walking along the river.
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    Eiheiji Temple, located in Fukui-ken, was founded over 800 years ago, although the temple was rebuilt a number of times over the years. It is still an active temple today training monks in its teachings. It is possible for anyone to [...]
  • Naoshima is a small island in the Setonaikai. It takes 20 minutes by Ferry from Uno, near Okayama or 40 minutes from Takamatsu, Shikoku. The island has become well known recently for its many works of art, both inside and outside and [...]
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    Shirakawago (白川郷) in Gifu-ken is a World Heritage listed village. The area is known for the gassho zukuri (合掌造り) architectural style, with a thatched slanting roof. In winter, when there is heavy snowfall, the houses are able to [...]
  • I went on a trip to Shikoku recently and traveled around its 4 Prefectures of Kagawa-ken, Ehime-ken, Kochi-ken and Tokushima-ken. It was my first time to Shikoku and after being there just a few days I felt like I had traveled out of [...]
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    I have been traveling locally in Japan recently, in Nagoya, Kobe, Okayama and Hiroshima, basically following the line of the Shinkansen. There are lots of photos to put up from the various places I went to including Ise Jingu, Izumo [...]
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    I have been thinking about moving to Australia or the US recently. I took a trip to Australia and had a look at some opportunities. I will visit New York later in the year. Not sure where I will end up yet, but have taken the advice of [...]
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    A reader, exclusivejdm, sent me this picture via Twitter, they took driving down the Route 246 on their way to Numazu, Shizuoka. The Route stretches a long way out of Tokyo all the way down South to where you can get a good view of Mt [...]
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    Last year I took a trip to Sendai and visited Matsushima which is said to be one of Japan’s three great views along with Miyajima and Amanohashidate. I found more photos of my trip and resized some others to provide this gallery of [...]
  • From my recent trip to Yokote in Akita ken, I took some photos of the Akita Shinkansen leaving from Tokyo Station and arriving in at Yokote. The change over time at Oomagari was only 5 minutes and I boarded the train just as the door [...]
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    On my recent trip to Yokote I tried the local delicacy of Yokote Yakisoba. It is yakisoba with an egg on the top. Tasty ^_^. I have lots more photos of the Yokote trip including some of the Akita Shinkansen and others of the Bonden [...]
  • I visted Yokote, Akita-Ken, for the recent Kamakura Snow Festival. The Kamakura tradition dates back over 400 years when small snow houses were made for the Gods and filled with food and Sake. The tradition carries on today with people [...]
  • On a visit to Kyoto in the Summer I went to Eiga Mura and saw the Ninja Show. The show was good entertainment. I took these shots with my Nikon D700 with no flash. The blue and red lighting on the background make some good contrasts [...]
  • I have introduced some articles from Brutus Magazine before, but wanted to take a special look at this the current edition out. The edition selling from Aug 15, 2009 is titled “Re-discover Japan”. The magazine contains some [...]
  • I took a trip to Sendai last week and visited Matsushima which is said to be one of Japan’s three great views along with Miyajima and Amanohashidate. Matsushima is a group of over 200 small, pine tree islands which provide an [...]
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