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    In a modern city it is always interesting to see how the older style architecture and culture is incorporated into new plans. Looking at this scene reminded me of just how difficult it is to accommodate a large population with limited [...]
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    Its a fine day in the city. This photo was taken before the earthquake in Tohoku. You can see the top of Tokyo Tower is not bent here. After the earthquake it had a slight bend in the very top of it
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    The weekends are always a good time for a walk. The weather seems to get better and people on the street seem to be smiling more. I didn’t have my main camera with me, but whilst I was out around the Meguro area, I took a quick [...]
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    We had snow in Tokyo tonight. Normally we get a bit of snow between January and March, but it doesn’t normally settle so easily. I expect by the morning this snow will also have melted away and things should be back to normal. It [...]
  • I finished putting together another book on Canon’s PhotoPresso site. This one is from a trip to Hiroshima. You can see other books in the shibuya246 collection here also I have a few others in edit at the moment. One on [...]
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    This weekend is election time for Tokyo and many Prefectures. The 2 big name candidates in Tokyo are the incumbent Ishihara-san and former Governor of Miyazaki-ken, Higashikokubara-san. After Ishihara-san preventing people from holding [...]
  • It is fairly quiet in Tokyo at the moment, a day after the 8.9 Magnitude strike in Tohoku northern Japan. I went out to Shibuya in the afternoon to see what the mood in town was. There were as many people out as normal, but more than [...]
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    There was a major earthquake today in Japan in the North just off the coast of Sendai. Reports at the moment are saying it is somewhere between magnitude 8.4 and 8.9. Every time I hear the figure it seems to go higher and higher. I was [...]
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    It was snowing in Tokyo today. I was out this morning and took these shots of Shibuya. The snow kept falling until evening when it became a bit more like rain, but it has not settled yet. Maybe over night we might have more. Tomorrow [...]
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    These HDR picture were taken over a year ago when I first bought my Nikon camera. I took the picture in RAW and remember being disappointed that the picture was dark. I had expected to see a beautiful looking photo with the new [...]
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    I took a trip out to Yoyogi on the weekend to capture some photos of this area which is located very close to Shinjuku. It is surprising how quiet and peaceful the area was given its proximity to the large business district nearby.
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    If you get into any trouble on the metro, just scan this bar code into your mobile phone (maybe not an iphone) and get a hotlink to the help line. Interesting idea. Do you have metro hotlines in your part of the world or do the offices [...]
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    The Imperial Palace is located in the center of Tokyo. It is surrounded by a moat and has many wonderful traditional structures and gardens to view. On the weekends, particularly in good weather, you can expect to see many people in [...]
  • A few people have asked me to talk about some of the code I have been programming on websites including the site. I wasn’t sure where to start, so I thought whilst looking at a few photos of Tokyo I would explain a [...]
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    I took a walk around Kabukicho, Shinjuku in the evening. Shinjuku Station is always packed with people coming and going, and the kabukicho area picks up a lot of traffic from people going to restaurants, clubs, love hotels and more.
  • The launch party for the new Site was on tonight at Roppongi Hills. Lots of people gathered to hear about the launch and catch up. The Site is focused on photos taken showing the beauty and culture of Tokyo. The [...]
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    After a trip to the Tokyo Station Rilakkuma Store I now have a hard case cover for my iPhone with style. Would you like a Rilakkuma hard case cover for your iPhone? [Update] For those interested, I have listed this for sale at [...]
  • I went to the Rilakkuma Store at Tokyo Station again yesterday. This time I was in search of a case for my iPhone. There was lots of activity in store, with the new “Bonjour Rilakkuma” series on display, chocolate magnets [...]
  • Saw this great form of advertising at Tokyo Station for meiji chocolate. The whole kiosk is wrapped up in meiji milk chocolate brand with the back of the kiosk explaining some of the history of meiji chocolate back from 1926. It seems [...]
  • A few weeks ago I went to a meeting near Shinagawa at the Grand Prince Hotel Takanawa. The coffee shop in the hotel where we met had a great view of the hotel's traditional Japanese garden. After the meeting I took some photos of the [...]
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    A lot of people ask me how they can establish their business in Tokyo. Some of those companies already have a good export business to markets like Europe and America, others are just getting started on exports and have identified Japan [...]
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    I saw on a website recently that a French outfit version of Rilakkuma plush was going to be available. The Tokyo Gift Show is on at the moment at Odaiba, Tokyo. Last year I went to the September Show and Rilakkuma made an appearance. I [...]
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    It doesn’t snow in Tokyo very often during the year, maybe once or twice. When it does snow it is normally in February or March, sometimes even in April. Since the snow is rare,people are excited to see it and want to venture out [...]
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    I just found out that London is hosting an event called “Tokyo Day” this weekend. The event will be at The Queen Elizabeth II Conference Centre. It is sponsored by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government and will be covering [...]
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    It was a great sunny day on “Sunday” with blue skies in Tokyo and I decided to take a walk from Shinagawa Station towards Tennozu Isle (where the monorail runs to Haneda Airport). Feel free to use the “comments on top [...]
  • The Landmark Tower in Yokohama gives a great view of the whole City. It is the tallest building in Japan at 296 metres. The view from the 69th floor observatory deck is great on a clear day.
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