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Site Review, Aug 2009

A little late with the review for August. Took a while to recover after the sudden increase in traffic from the Gundam Wedding photos at Odaiba. New Server Ended up having to move the site to a new dedicated server to handle the traffic…

Site Review, Jul 2009

We have seen some more increases in traffic this month which is always good to see. Last month we saw a total of 24,655 unique visitors for the month, averaging 822, whereas this month that figure has increased to 29,964 unique visitors,…

Site Review, Jun 2009

I am a little bit behind in providing the site review for this month. It is a good exercise to review the site consistently so that the content and presentation continue to improve. It looks like traffic is steadily picking up with a…

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Site Review, May 2009

To help make the site better for all visitors, I have published below some visitor traffic numbers for the site shibuya246.com. Currently, the site is averaging between 500 - 1,000 visitors per day with about 150 repeat visitors per day.…