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    Snow snow snow snow snow
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    I went for a drive late in the day and caught some snow on Mt Hiei about half way up.
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    Always nice to catch a glimpse of Mt. Fuji when traveling on the Shinkansen. Everyone on the left side of the train had their cameras and phones pointed at the window. I didn’t want to be left out so here is my iPhone snap
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    I took a quick morning walk to catch some sun and was surprised it had started snowing. Just a few scenes here of nothing much. My hands started to freeze off and I had to come back indoors. I would like to take better photos in [...]
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    We had snow in Tokyo tonight. Normally we get a bit of snow between January and March, but it doesn’t normally settle so easily. I expect by the morning this snow will also have melted away and things should be back to normal. It [...]
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    It was snowing in Tokyo today. I was out this morning and took these shots of Shibuya. The snow kept falling until evening when it became a bit more like rain, but it has not settled yet. Maybe over night we might have more. Tomorrow [...]
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    The Bonden Festival is held in various parts of Akita-ken. I attended this one in Yokote City. A Bonden represents a mythical marker point for the gods to descend to our world. The Bonden is carried through the streets and holds with [...]
  • From my recent trip to Yokote in Akita ken, I took some photos of the Akita Shinkansen leaving from Tokyo Station and arriving in at Yokote. The change over time at Oomagari was only 5 minutes and I boarded the train just as the door [...]
  • I visted Yokote, Akita-Ken, for the recent Kamakura Snow Festival. The Kamakura tradition dates back over 400 years when small snow houses were made for the Gods and filled with food and Sake. The tradition carries on today with people [...]
  • Just got back from my one night trip to Yokote where they were holding the annual Kamakura and Bonden festival. The weather was sunny and warm, although this was snow country. I have many photos to show of the festival, some at night [...]
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    It doesn’t snow in Tokyo very often during the year, maybe once or twice. When it does snow it is normally in February or March, sometimes even in April. Since the snow is rare,people are excited to see it and want to venture out [...]
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    The weather had got warmer for a while, but as is normal before the warmer months of April and May arrive we are seeing snow in Tokyo today. The photos don’t quite show the swirling wind patterns of the snow flakes as they rain [...]
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