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    I have had some email feedback that the RSS feed is getting too big and people are having trouble with it in their RSS readers. I have asked on Twitter and most people seem to want the full RSS feed still available. I thought it best [...]
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    Had some major site traffic over the last 2 days thanks to everyone for checking out the Gundam Wedding Photos. Much appreciate all of you who have re-tweeted, emailed to friends, stumbled the photos and various other social networking [...]
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    I am a little bit behind in providing the site review for this month. It is a good exercise to review the site consistently so that the content and presentation continue to improve. It looks like traffic is steadily picking up with a [...]
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    To help make the site better for all visitors, I have published below some visitor traffic numbers for the site Currently, the site is averaging between 500 – 1,000 visitors per day with about 150 repeat visitors [...]
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