• Shibuya is perhaps most famous as the iconic image of the crazy Japanese road crossings, a bustle of hundreds of people crossing five ways across painted lines on the road. Shibuya is also just as famous for its vast number of [...]
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    Taking a look inside the new Hikarie building in Shibuya. I’m attempting this post from the WordPress iPhone app, but might resize the photo later if it’s not too good. The file size looks too big at the moment.
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    It was a beautiful day again today in Tokyo, with blue skies and higher temperatures. Winter did not seem that cold this year, but today felt like it was definitely coming to an end. Out in shibuya, I wanted to take some pictures of [...]
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    We had snow in Tokyo tonight. Normally we get a bit of snow between January and March, but it doesn’t normally settle so easily. I expect by the morning this snow will also have melted away and things should be back to normal. It [...]
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    It is always quiet in Tokyo on New Year Day. Here is a scene in Shibuya with a lot less people than normal. It’s really nice on the streets with so few people. Like a scene from a movie.
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    It has been a while since we had a Shibuya Streets series. I took a quick walk on the weekend with camera in hand. Things always seem to be the same in Shibuya and yet things are always changing. It is great to see so many people out [...]
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    A while ago I showed a few HDR (High Dynamic Range) photos on the site which I had taken with my Nikon camera. One photo of HDR is actually made up of 5 shots that show the same scene at the same ISO level but with different lighting, [...]
  • It is fairly quiet in Tokyo at the moment, a day after the 8.9 Magnitude strike in Tohoku northern Japan. I went out to Shibuya in the afternoon to see what the mood in town was. There were as many people out as normal, but more than [...]
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    It was snowing in Tokyo today. I was out this morning and took these shots of Shibuya. The snow kept falling until evening when it became a bit more like rain, but it has not settled yet. Maybe over night we might have more. Tomorrow [...]
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    These HDR picture were taken over a year ago when I first bought my Nikon camera. I took the picture in RAW and remember being disappointed that the picture was dark. I had expected to see a beautiful looking photo with the new [...]
  • The Konnou Hachimangu Shrine in Shibuya dates back to 1092. This weekend there was a festival held in the grounds of the Shrine to celebrate "Wa" (和), all things that are Japanese, which of course included Sake tasting.
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    Up until about 2 months ago I had never really appreciated the taste of beer. Thinking it was time to get better acquainted with what looked like the best way to beat the hot summer, I decided to try out various different kinds of [...]
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    There are many statues and art work displays at the stations in Japan. This mural is located in the walkway underneath Meiji dori heading out from the new subway line.
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    A reader, exclusivejdm, sent me this picture via Twitter, they took driving down the Route 246 on their way to Numazu, Shizuoka. The Route stretches a long way out of Tokyo all the way down South to where you can get a good view of Mt [...]
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    McDonalds has been renovating a number of its stores recently, and yesterday many of their Shibuya stores were opened to the public to reveal the new look.
  • I came across this new promotion that NTT Docomo look to be spending a lot of money on. They are hoping it will have a social viral connection and spread around the internet quickly. Time will tell. It is not clear though whether this [...]
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    I only had a brief chance to take a few photos this week in Shibuya. Here are some of the snaps showing Ryo Ishikawa, adverts at Shibuya Station, a few stores and more. Hope you enjoy.
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    Sakuragaoka-cho is located close to Shibuya Station just on the other side of Route 246. I have lived and worked here for a number of years, and it feels like a second home, or maybe it is my first one now. Although, I now live in [...]
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    I visited this donut cafe, Marui-to that had opened a while ago in Sakuragaoka-cho, Shibuya. They make the donuts on the premises and have many different variations to try. The donuts are small so you can select a few ^^. Are you a [...]
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    Shibuya Faces Part II from eleven23 on Vimeo. Short film shot in Shibuya on November 5th 2009 with the Canon 7D. Music : Saint Etienne – The Way We Live Now Some wonderful videos of Tokyo, in particular the Shibuya, Roppongi and [...]
  • It is Valentines Day today and as always in Japan it is predominantly the women giving chocolates to the males. There are chocolates to be bought for those who you treasure and also chocolates for co-workers, known as giri-choco. I [...]
  • After the snow the night before, I went out in Shibuya and took some photos yesterday. The town looked really peaceful and the sun had started to come out. It’s great to be in Shibuya ^_^.
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    It wasn’t as sunny this afternoon and so was a good chance to take a look at Shibuya in a different light. The trees looked cold as well. Which season of the year would you most like to visit Japan and Shibuya?
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    Went to dinner tonight at a place very close to the Scramble Crossing, just in front of Shibuya Station. The sign said it was a Japanese food place, but inside the mood was more of a high class dinner and bar restaurant. I grabbed a [...]
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    After the weather changing from very cold, to pleasantly warm (at least when not in the shade), I took a quick walk in Shibuya to see what was happening. After a few shots around the crossing area and a lunch at Royal Host, I was [...]
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    I have picked my favorite photos that I took in 2009. It took a while to go through the many photos taken in the year. I might have missed a few. Let me know if your favorite is missing from the list.
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