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Japan Snow Train

Just got back from my one night trip to Yokote where they were holding the annual Kamakura and Bonden festival. The weather was sunny and warm, although this was snow country. I have many photos to show of the festival, some at night and…

Yokohama View

The Landmark Tower in Yokohama gives a great view of the whole City. It is the tallest building in Japan at 296 metres. The view from the 69th floor observatory deck is great on a clear day.

Brutus Magazine

I have introduced some articles from Brutus Magazine before, but wanted to take a special look at this the current edition out. The edition selling from Aug 15, 2009 is titled "Re-discover Japan". The magazine contains some stunning…

Rail Fans

Trains are always popular in Japan and there are many books and magazines available for rail fans to enjoy. Just recently a number of new magazines have come out with some great pictures of trains and Japan scenery. These…