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Rilakkuma Store Visit

I went to the Rilakkuma Store at Tokyo Station again yesterday. This time I was in search of a case for my iPhone. There was lots of activity in store, with the new "Bonjour Rilakkuma" series on display, chocolate magnets and plenty of…

Rilakkuma Live

I met up with Rilakkuma today when visiting the Tokyo Gift Show. I will post more about the Gift Show later, but first here is Rilakkuma. sorry, this is kamonohashikamo not kiiroitori.

Rilakkuma Clinic

Looks like Rilakkuma has started his own Doctor's clinic ? I spotted this at Shinagawa. I wonder if they got permission to use that or whether they are waiting for someone to tell them they can't?

Rilakkuma at the Zoo

You might know Rilakkuma, but you have probably never seen him playing like this?[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ka4lnk3NBKo&hl=ja&fs=1&w=425&h=344] The monkey here was born at the zoo. The mother monkey would protect…

Visit to Rilakkuma Store

I went to the Rilakkuma store at Tokyo Station a week ago and finally have got around to posting the photos from the visit. I went on a weekend and the store was packed with people, male, female and all age groups. It looks like Rilakkuma…