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Mt Fuji on Valentines Day

It is snowing tonight in Tokyo, a bit heavier than the other day, with maybe a chance of it settling over night. For Valentines Day, however, I thought it might be nice to see a sunny picture of Japan. Here is Mt Fuji taken from…

Tokyo Sky Tree with Tokyo Tower

The new Tokyo Sky Tree is slowly, or maybe quickly, edging towards the sky. I managed to grab this photo from the top of Roppongi Hills, showing Tokyo Tower on the right with the new Tokyo Sky Tree in the distance out to the left.

Tokyo Sunset

There are a number of places to see a great view of Tokyo City from high up. One of those is Roppongi Hills. In the evening you can see the sun setting over Mt Fuji. It was a bit cold today, but I thought it might be a good chance to…

ABCLoop Launch Party, Roppongi

I just came back from the launch event for ABCLoop.com in Roppongi where I met up with Billy and John Martyn, the founders of ABCLoop. The Site is for English speakers who want to teach, meet and network with Japanese people who want to…

Midtown Water Works

Midtown Water Works at Roppongi is a show that has been put on for the summer months, starting July 17 to August 23, 2010. I went there last night to see what the crowds were enjoying and got caught in the rain.

Tokyo.JapanTimes Launch

The launch party for the new Tokyo.JapanTimes.co.jp Site was on tonight at Roppongi Hills. Lots of people gathered to hear about the launch and catch up. The Site is focused on photos taken showing the beauty and culture of Tokyo.…

Tokyo Midtown Park

The Tokyo Midtown office and shopping complex in Roppongi is a great place for a Sunday afternoon stroll. The garden area is full of greenery, and when you are finished you can head back indoors to enjoy the many restaurants and shops.

Roppongi Street Cats

Small cats and dogs are popular pets in Japan because they are easier to accommodate in small apartments. Often you will see some cats that live in parks and get fed by passersby. I am not sure whether these cats were owned by someone or…