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Heron on Kamogawa

Went for a short walk in the winter wind and spotted this heron strolling around. The birdlife on the Kamogawa always gives the river a flow of being alive.


Kamogawa River Jumping

I showed a photo a few weeks back of a child jumping the stones on the Kamogawa River in the late evening. They say you can’t teach an old dog new...


Kamogawa Evening Walk

Heading North this evening from the City I walked up to KitaOji Bridge. The northern reaches of the Kamogawa river open up quite a bit and around Shimogamo...


Autumn Season Change

As the breeze starts to get cooler in the middle of the day as well as late in the evening, there is a keen sense of a season change upon us. It may still seem...


Summer Breeze

It’s getting a little cooler recently thanks to some gentle breezes blowing through. It’s still nice to head to the river in the evenings though...


Kamogawa Sunset

We are into the rainy season now, but towards the end of the day it can suddenly fine up and the sky can produce some magic colors. I took this shot a few days...


Kiyamachi Dori

Kiyamachi Dori in Kyoto is one of the well known streets in Kyoto city. The Takase river which was built in the 1600's to transport materials and goods between...


Kamogawa Sakura

Another photo I took of the Kamogawa river area with Sakura here. This was a really nice afternoon walk with good weather and great atmosphere on the river...

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Kamogawa, Kyoto

The Kamo river (kamogawa) runs through Kyoto, historically providing an important water supply, but also now allowing people to relax and enjoy nature whilst...


Meguro River

I have been going to the gym in Meguro recently and walk past Meguro River often. Normally it is late in the evening when the light is just fading. Here are a...