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    I have been in Kyoto and was enjoying some very nice food both at lunch and dinner time. One of my favorite restaurants here is called Mumokuteki. The food is all organic, looks delicious and is very tasty. Zakkokumai or Zakkoku rice [...]
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    Onigiri Trumps I wrote about onigiri trumps recently on my own site Kimonobox. They were very popular. What a great gift to take back from Japan for the family. Good price, great cultural significance and easy packing. I have bought [...]
  • The Akita Komachi brand of rice is 25 years old. Although its sometimes hard to distinguish between the different brands of rice, the Akita Komachi and Koshi Hikari brands stand out as two of the most well known and best loved rice. [...]
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    If you like your Japanese rice, then check out this Shibuya Rice. From the series where they took some Shibuya Gals out into the countryside and did some reality TV show style farming, you can now buy the rice on Rakuten. One bag of [...]
  • Okonomiyaki is a classic Japanese dish. It is made out of batter and contains anything you want to add like vegetables, meat, seafood, and then topped with sauce and mayo, sprnkled with green nori and sometimes bonito flakes. I was [...]
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    The latest product to promote itself with a Moe blend is konbu from the town of Erimo in Hokkaido. The brand named Seishun Konbu is using 2 characters, Misaki Erimo (みさき えりも) and Chishima Kirika (ちしま きりか) both cast as 2nd year middle [...]
  • Yatsuhashi is a Japanese desert sweet. It is particularly well known as a product of Kyoto and can be bought at many of the tourist stores around the Temples. Yatsuhashi is made from rice flour and sugar and has a soft, mochi-like [...]
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    Visiting restaurants in Japan that serve Western style foods, particularly Italian, you tend to see a lot of doria (ドリア) and gratin (グラタン) on the menu along with pizza and pasta. You can also find doria on the menu at many local [...]
  • Its a slow day in Tokyo, but the pace of change at the convenience stores is fast. Every time I visit there are new products on the shelf and the old ones seem to disappear before you have a chance to try them. Today’s selection [...]
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    Ok, its not electrical and you cant hook it up to your computer via a USB port, but this is definitely a great product just out in Japan. It’s a retake of the chocolate biscuit or cookie. Whereas most biscuits are made of wheat [...]
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