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Fukuoka Yatai

On a hot summer night in August while visiting Fukuoka, I took a walk to find some ramen. There are many yatai, or roadside stalls, in Fukuoka city and the summer is peak time for them to do business.

Japanese Ramen

On my trip to Akita-ken I captured this guy sitting in the middle of the road with the matsuri going on around him, downing a hot bowl of instant ramen. What is your favorite ramen flavor?

Disney Conbini

If you thought all convenience stores in Japan were the same, branded as a Lawson, 7 Eleven, ampm or other type, then you need to take a closer look at the convenience store at Maihama in the new Disneyland Hotel. At first glance it…

4 Japan Mini-Tours (Part II)

I posted recently on some mini-tours that were available in Japan including Gunkanjima and the Morioka Silk factory. To follow up on that I am going to have a look at 4 other mini tours available as highlighted by Trendy Magazine in their…