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    Okayama's Korakuen has been in existence since the Edo Period and has entertained many important guests through the years. It is considered one of the three famous gardens of Japan and is designated as a Special Scenic Location under [...]
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    Yamashita Koen in Yokohama is a popular place for people to relax and enjoy. Couples stroll up and down the waterfront, families picnic on the grass, children play. The park was formally constructed after the 1923 earthquake, but has a [...]
  • I took a walk around Yamashita Koen in Yokohama today after having lunch at Chinatown. The park was teeming with people enjoying the start of Golden Week and the good weather. This gentleman was painting the scenery in the midst of it all.
  • Hamarikyu is a public garden in Tokyo that is within waking distance of Shinbashi or Hamamatscho Station on the Yamanote Line. Inside the gardens you can enjoy a green tea ceremony for a fee of 500 yen. The garden has many different [...]
  • Ueno Park was Japan's first public park, opened in 1873. It has many attractions including a zoo, museums, a lake, temples and every year in April it is the destination for many to view the Sakura trees in full bloom.
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    On the way back from IKEA to buy a bookcase for my room, I took these photos from the window of the JR Keiyo Line as it sped its way towards Tokyo back from Chiba. These were all taken near the Kasai Rinkai Koen area which is one [...]
  • I came across their dance scene in Yoyogi Park when out for a walk on New Years Day. It looked like they were making some sort of cosplay dance movie or maybe rehearsing for one. The rhythm beat was quite catchy. My niece who was with [...]
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    The Tokyo Midtown office and shopping complex in Roppongi is a great place for a Sunday afternoon stroll. The garden area is full of greenery, and when you are finished you can head back indoors to enjoy the many restaurants and shops.
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    Yes, its Friday and for some there is excitement for the weekend coming up. For others, like this guy, the week was just too much and a quick power nap before Friday’s work begins is essential. Have you ever been caught having a [...]
  • The weekend is always a busy day in Yoyogi Park .There are plenty of people out strolling, picnicking, playing ball and generally having a good time. You will also often find some street dancing going on which can provide a unique view [...]
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