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Otsuka International Art Museum

Ostuka Pharmaceutical have built a wonderful art museum in Naruto which holds over 1,000 pieces of Western masterpieces reproduced on ceramic boards. The museum building and the work gone into the creation of these boards is outstanding.

Pocari Sweat

Most people know the Pocari Sweat drink from Otsuka Drink Co. One of the original sports drinks in Japan, it is still hugely popular today. You can buy this drink in large 2 litre bottles, 900ml bottles, 350ml bottles, cans and…

Conbini Monday Wk4

In this weekly convenience store series, Conbini Monday, we are going to have a look at the inside of the Lawson store near my house. There is always plenty of choice on the shelves in the cold section, whether you want sandwiches,…